LCSC Coho Update 27 April 2020

LCSC Coho Update                  27 April 2020

We hope that all of our Coho families and your extended families are staying safe and healthy.  With safety as our top priority, LCSC looks to USA Swimming for our guidelines on all topics of concern.  From our current situation of remote training brought together online, to the strategies and timelines for returning to training facilities, USA Swimming keeps an open discussion available to its teams.  

In a meeting Friday with USA Swimming administrators, Michigan coaches were updated on the situation and resources available to USA Swimming members.  Here are some of the highlights:
~Zoom: USA Swimming teams are eligible for an “Enterprise” license for 90 days, enabling team meetings and training sessions. (LCSC coaches have been working with a fair number of Coho swimmers on Zoom over the past week.  All LCSC swimmers are encouraged to participate.)
~”The Last Gold” movie: Shirley Babashoff was an Olympic swimmer for the USA in 1972 and 1976, and national record-holder in freestyle events from the 100m to 800m.  The reason she did not hold world records was because of the powerful East German women’s program that was found to have been fueled by illegal use of doping to increase strength.  This movie highlights the Team USA efforts to be the world’s best under very challenging circumstances.
The movie can be viewed by visiting: 
password: lastgold2016 
~Safesport Recognized Program: Safesport is USA Swimming’s program with guidelines to ensure a safe environment is a top priority at every member club.  Zoom training sessions are available for coaches, parents, and athletes over the age of 12:
Parents on Wednesdays @ 3PM Eastern
Athletes - ages 12 and older on Thursdays @ 3PM Eastern 
Coaches on Fridays through the summer at 3PM Eastern 
More information may be found on USA Swimming’s social media pages, from your LSC Safe Sport Chairs or by emailing Liz Hahn directly 
~Technique Tuesdays: Russell Mark has been evaluating stroke technique for USA Swimming for over two decades.  Expect these presentations to be valuable learning tools for technique development.  Here is the link to a valuable page on USA Swimming’s website, and the portal for registering for Technique Tuesdays beginning May 5:

Schedule Update: Coho Dry Landers
Spring Training is getting into full swing for LCSC.  Join the fun and challenge of our dry land program.  Platinum and Senior Coho swimmers are encouraged to participate in our daily training M/T/W/Th (4:00-5:20 p.m.), and F (4:00-4:30 p.m.).  Gold/Silver/Bronze Coho swimmers are encouraged to participate daily M/T/W/Th (5:30-6:30 p.m.), and F (4:30-5:00 p.m.).  
Prerequisite for participation: sending a completed goal sheet to Coach Vince at  
Note: Swimmers returning completed goals sheets before 3 p.m. today will be included in today's training session.
Basic equipment needed for our Coho “Stay Safe and Home, Get Stronger and Faster Training Program” includes proper clothing, med ball and/or light weights, jump rope.  Other equipment to be added in this week: hula hoop, stretch cords.
Coaches are already noting fitness improvements in our Coho Dry Landers.  This is a great opportunity for our team members to participate in guided training sessions online.  Please direct any comments, concerns, or questions to either Coach Paul or Coach Vince.

Thank you for your teamwork throughout the season.  
Stay safe and stay fit, focus on success.  
Resistance is a part of life, keep swimming upstream!
Your LCSC Coho Coaches