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A Note From the Coach

Hello Makos!

I hope you are all well.  Have you seen the ‘pass the cap’ video that we made?  If not check it out on our Facebook page, it is great!  Thank you to the everyone that submitted their videos and thank you Coach Tara for putting it together!  We also have a chalk drawing event going on, once you finish your work of art take a picture and email it to me at and I will post it on our Facebook page.

I want you all to know that Joy and I are working to stay on top of the news.  We should hear from the governor as well as our city leaders soon so we will have a clearer idea of what is ahead of us.  The last couple of weeks we have set a new planned start-up date while scraping the old one, this time it is a bit different.  Know that we have a bunch of plans ready to go when we are cleared, we will pick and modify the best.  We will get back in the water as soon as we can but the roll back into what was our normal practice might take a while.  Believe me I want to get back so bad, but we will do it with our whole team in mind as always.

The coaches and board have been active in helping keep this team strong.  We did apply for the PPP loan through the federal relief funds but did not receive any money.  We have applied for the second wave of money if and when it is available.  We have also applied for a grant through our LSC (local swim committee). 

I want to thank the families that have supported the team so much these last 6ish weeks, it is special see this kind of loyalty during hard times.  Remember your April dues will be credited to you on May 1st unless you have already contacted me.  The Makos are a special group. 

Joy and I also on a personal note want to thank those of you that have reached out to us personally to see how we are doing. 

One final thing, we have added a tab with all the info we have sent to you guys and any new info will be add there so it is easy for you guys to find it.  The tab is in the upper right on the home page of our team website.  As always, we will email & text as well as post on Facebook the latest news.

On to face the future!

Coach Leonard