Team News April 27th- Programming specifically

 Hello on this rainy afternoon.

So I don't have any solid updates for any businesses/organizations like the YMCA who are not included with any phases of reopening with regards to executive orders. Atleast I hope some of you got outside this weekend even for  a short time.  It is crucial that we get some fresh air and connect to the real world of birds and clouds and sun!!

Below is regarding Breakers programming.  If we heard from you in April or before and and you have no more changes than you are good.  

Upcoming Programming payments 

OPTION 1-unschedule payments

We will go ahead and unschedule your Breakers payments for May.  This will be separate from membership and you will need to reach out to our (I am a glass is 1/2 full gal) we will only charge you for that time. If we KNOW FOR SURE that May programming will not happen at all,  you will not have any fees assessed for Breakers at all. 

Another option. 


Option #2

If you would like to make payment for the program as regularly scheduled we can also process a system credit for you to use at a later date.

This would mean that your Breakers monthly payment coming out for May will be normally processed and put into a Covid "Kitty"on your account.  This, like I said above, can be used for future Breakers programming.

If you would like to choose Option 2, have your fees taken out, but stored on your account, you will need to reply to this email by tomorrow by 5:00 p.m. Otherwise your swimmer's monthly fees will be unscheduled like they were in April.  

I am sorry to be all business today.  We are moving forward on some ZOOM meetings with the kids.

Blue I and White II this week and then we will tag RED and White I the following week!  

Hang in there!!