LC Update 2020

Hello all,


With the latest update for the Illinois stay-at-home order calling for an extension until May 30th, our long course start date remains unclear. 


We will continue to communicate every Monday with any updates that have been passed to the team.


In an effort to expand with our team engagement during this time, we will be starting Zoom meetings with swimmers and parents. Beginning the week of May 4th, we will offer meetings for swimmers on Tuesdays, from 3-3:30pm for Blue 2, 1, 3:45-4:15pm for Green 2, 1, and 4:30-5pm for Senior 2, 1. The first week will include a check-in with the swimmers and we will expand on a variety of different topics each week. 


Thursday, May 7th, we will be holding general parent meetings from 4-4:30pm for Novice and White, 4:45-5:15pm for Blue and Green, and 5:30-6pm for Senior. Our goal is again to begin with a check-in and expand on a variety of topics from a parental standpoint. We will plan on another parent meeting if we get additional news later in the month.


Every Monday, we will be sending out the zoom meeting information so you have it for your next meeting. We have listed the dates and times for meetings below.


Swimmer Zoom Meetings:

May 5, 12, 19, 26 – 3-3:30pm Blue 2, 1

                                  3:45-4:15pm Green 2, 1

                                  4:30-5pm Senior 2, 1


Parent Zoom Meetings:

May 7 – 4-4:30pm Novice and White

              4:45-5:15pm Blue and Green

              5:30-6pm Senior


Live slow, swim fast