Weekly Bulletin #4

Weekly Bulletin #4

Hello GSH swimmers and families,

We are starting week seven of this new way of living. When we reached week four, I talked mentioned that we were entering a new comfort zone with all the new habits of living in our houses, were assimilated by our brains. Usually, between weeks 7 and 8, those habits will start turning into virtues or vices, which means that we don’t have to pay attention or enjoy. We are just going to autopilot. I recommend hitting our comfort zones again, change the routines and the activities again, Change schedules, wake up at different times, switch the order of your daily activities, make it a bit uncomfortable.

We got officially one more month off schools for the kids, they re having more online classes, most of the work is based on using the screen, when they get bored they are watching more TV, even the exercise is based on videos that require screen time. We are spending lots of hours of the day in front of a screen. This impacts directly our ability to handle our emotions, and a side effect will turn into an electronic addiction, this will require an e-detox program when we are finally out of this.

I want to talk about Emotional Intelligence, another skill for well-balanced athletes-students and successful people. Daniel Goleman, the author of the Emotional Intelligence book, says that four essential skills define the concept of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Self Awareness. The ability to understand what and why do we feel, it is a moral compass that orients people to good intuition and good decision making.
  2. Self Management. This means learning to handle our feelings effectively, so they don’t get in the middle of the way to reaching our goals. Understanding the function of emotions is important because they are there for a reason.
  3. Empathy.
  4. Put all the puzzle together in skill relationships (social Intelligence)

When emotions get out of control, they bring more social misbehaviour and learning to master the emotional control skills will help to have more balanced persons with the ability to pay more and better attention in school, home, training, etc.

In all the COVID-19 resources, we find that within the recommendations to stay safe; there are some Mindfulness and meditation recommendations. All the mindset, mental training, programs are based on teaching us that self-awareness and management that is needed to stay balanced.

Indeed, isolation is a great time to learn these skills, as we have a lot of time, also practicing this might help in reducing the screen time and increasing our selves meeting time.

From Fitter and Faster

New Program: Mind, Body, Balance

with Kim Vandenberg

Check out Mind, Body Balance! This interactive online program emphasizes the development of swimmers’ physical and mental strength. The class is led by Olympic medalist, yoga instructor, and mindfulness coach Kim Vandenberg!

This program will feature:

  • 12 participants maximum
  • Each class is 45 minutes long
  • Designed for specific age groups (9-11, 12 & 13, and 14 & Over)
  • Participants will progress through both mental training and physical exercises to build strength and mindfulness

Click the buttons below to learn more about the curriculum and to register for this highly requested class!

Ages 9-11Ages 12 & 13 - Ages 14 & Over


“The Ready Room”: Combining Goal Setting and Visualization

For Swimmers Ages 13+ and Coaches

Join three elite athletes to learn how they utilize different goal setting strategies as well as visualization both during training and throughout the pandemic to keep them on track and moving forward!

Monday, April 27: 1:00 PM

Led by five-time Olympian Brett Hawke, Olympian Renzo Tjon-A-Joe, and Elite Clinician Hannah Ferrin.

Register Now

“FFT Insider”: Olympic Legend Jenny Thompson

Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

One of the greatest female athletes of ALL TIME! Olympic legend Jenny Thompson has TWELVE OLYMPIC MEDALS! Listen as we get inside her head and find out what she attributes her incredible success to. 

Tuesday, April 28: 1 pm EST

Led by 5-time Olympian as both a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke, 12-time Olympic medalist Jenny Thompson, Fresno State head coach Jeanne Fleck, and McKendree University head coach Jimmy Tierney

Register Now

Yoga for Swimmers

For Swimmers of All Ages

Olympic medalist and yoga instructor Emily Silver will lead swimmers through a yoga class designed to help swimmers build strength, stability, and flexibility.

Wednesday, April 29: 5 pm EST

Led by Olympic Medalist Emily Silver

Register Now

“Breaking it Down”: The 200 IM

For Swimmers and Coaches

The 200 IM is a fast-paced and challenging race for swimmers of all levels! In this episode, two elite swimmers turned coaches will discuss the components and strategy that make up a fast and successful 200 IM!

Thursday, April 30: 5 pm EST

Led by five-time Olympian as a swimmer and coach Brett Hawke and National Champion Austin Surhoff

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Friday @ 11:00 am PT.

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Have a great week, 

Luis Luebs