CCAC Update 4/27/20

I hope all of you are well!  As we see businesses begin to open, I want to give you an update on where we are in the process. 

I will not speculate on when we may be able to return to the water.   The DHS and DPRD pools are still closed.  DPRD is meeting every week to decide when they will open their facilities.  They are closed through May 13th. If DPRD decides to extend the closure, they will notify me immediately.  The DHS pool will remain closed through the end of the school year.  We do not have a date when that pool will may be available.

Our main planning focus has been creating a safe environment when we are able to return.   Please keep in mind this is a fluid situation and our plans could look different by the time we return.  Our plan is to integrate our practices in phases.  Our first phase will have only six swimmers in the pool at a time.  Swimmers in odd numbered lanes will start on one end of the pool. Swimmers in even numbered lanes will start on the opposite end of the pool.  Swimmers will enter the facility in staggered 5 minute increments.  We are going to ask swimmers to arrive in their swimsuits and ready to enter the water as soon as they arrive.  We will have the locker rooms open to use the restroom if needed, but we want to limit locker room use as much as possible. Coaches will distance themselves from swimmers by 10 feet.  We will not return to a full practice schedule immediately.  Bronze and Silver swimmers will be offered 2-3 practices per week.  Gold and Bullet swimmers will be offered 3-4 practices per week.  Senior swimmers will be offered 3-6 practices per week.  The number practices offered will be determined by how much pool time we have available.  Practices will be shorter in time. We will be able to extend the practice times and number of offered practices as this situation becomes safe enough to practice in larger groups.  We are planning to continue with the online dryland program when we begin swimming.  We will have more specific details about practices as we see how the re-open affects the population and when we know more about facility access.

Some of you may be wondering about summer league, GRPA, and long course competitions.  I met with the CASL (summer league) two weeks ago. No firm decisions were made about the season.  We are meeting a week from Thursday.  I should have more information at that time.  The GRPA will meet a week from Friday to decide if they will have a District and State Championship.  USA Swimming has cancelled all National level meets for this summer.  They are considering hosting regional championships around the country at the end of August. Georgia Swimming has not cancelled the Age Group and Senior State Championships, yet.  My understanding is the GA Tech and UGA pools will not be available for competition this summer.  It is not clear if those meets will happen. 

I will send another update as I get information from our partner organizations.  In the meantime, I hope all of you will take advantage of the online dryland workouts.

Stay Safe!