Weekly Challenge April 27-29

ZOOM meetings are changing!  In an effort to leave weekends open for families we are moving zoom meetings to Wednesdays.  12 and under meetings will be from 4:30-5 and 13 and older meetings will be from 5-5:30.  Each week we will do some dryland activities together and some fun and games.  Please try to have your swimmer attend if they can, it is fun to see their faces and have them be able to see friends!  

Topic: EAST 13 and over
Time: Every Wed at 5pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 740 7087 3964
Password: 9FuKqg

Topic: EAST 12 and under
Time: Every Wed at 4:30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 754 9121 9859
Password: 4Rm9CU

This weeks challenge is to continue with your daily mile ,30 second plank and 10 snow angels from last week.  Now you will add in the following:

1. 10 jumping jacks

2. 5 squats

3. 5 push ups

4. 10 high knees

5 15 second cross body balance - on your hands and knees put your left arm straight in front of you and your right leg straight out behind you so you are balancing on your right hand and left knee.  Hold for 15 seconds and then switch!

The board has been checking with CWU this week to see what their thoughts and plans are for reopening and pool use in the future.  We will let you know as soon as we hear how and when we can get back in the water.  Dues will remain suspended until we are clear to swim again.  If you would like to continue paying bills to help the team financially please contact Jennifer Garcia at