First Month of Dryland during the pandemic


Great job in keeping up with your dry land training throughout this pandemic.  We hope this will become a shorter time where we are dealing with this situation.  Until then, please keep up with the training as it will translate to your overall fitness level and being able to regain swimming form once we get back to the pools!  We appreciate your dedication and time spent with us throughout this time and thank all the swimmers, coaches and parents in their continued support of our great club!

We are sorry if for some reason swimmers are not able to join in due to internet, computer, etc. but hope that ALL swimmers are doing well and be ready when things return to normal.

At the moment, we are in touch with the VAC and Swim BC and will continue to update when we receive any notifications as to restart, reschedule, etc.

We are hoping to start training when possible and will look in to the possibilities of training throughout the summer into the new season with whatever restrictions are needed.  A detailed plan with breaks, etc., will be made available as soon as we are able to confirm anything in the hopefully near future for swimming.


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