2020 Creekside Blues & Jazz Blast Canceled

  2020 Creekside Blues & Jazz Blast Swimming Meet Canceled Due To COVID-19

We are cancelling this years Creekside Meet due to the COVID pandemic. This has been in the making since early March but now that we have a better picture of things we wanted to announce this to the public.

We now have an business opening plan from the governor that really pinpoints mid-May as the date to for many of us here in Ohio to get back into circulation. With all retail businesses seemingly allowed to open by May 12, further restrictions or not, there could well be a second major spike in this disease within just a few weeks of that time. That, of course, would be right around the last week of may/first week of June putting the Creekside Meet right in the heart of that. Regardless of what will be allowed or not by the government, by USA Swimming or not, we don’t think we should take the chance to have an event that would contribute to that second spike. We do not want to subject volunteers, officials, spectators and athletes to possible exposure at such a large event thus the reason to cancel.

Our first and foremost concern is to continue to provide our own athletes with practice options, even if those options are our coached DRYLAND sessions this spring. Trying to get back to some semblance of water training is our next concern. Competitive events are subsequent to those 2 concerns but we are looking at potential alternative meet options that we may try to structure if we have the opportunity to do so this summer.

And in the mix of all that we are trying to look at ways that GCSTO, as a team, can help out other swimmers in the area (summer league, high school, club, Y, Masters and all), other coaches in the are and other teams in the area during this time by providing our unique "swimming" dryland training instruction or by providing water training in one central location for those who may not end up having their pools open. We are not yet sure of our own summer pool situation but if it does open we are trying to arrange to keep one of pools open all day and set up JUST for competitive swim training. Stay tuned for more on that subject here under our news.

As always... to our members we say THANKS for being a part of our TEAM and to everyone THANKS for being a part of this sport!