2020 Western Zone Open Water Update

I hope this emails finds all of you, your families, and your team's healthy and ready to get back in the water whenever that time comes.

My name Michael Kinross and I am filling the position of Western Zone Open Water Chair. I am a coach for the Sandpipers of Nevada in Las Vegas. I wanted to get out some information to you all on what to expect from the Zone in the coming months.
I am sending this information to all of the General Chairs of the Western Zone and your respective Open Water Committee chairs. If your LSC doesn't have an official Open Water Committee position or it was not listed on your website, please email me who the current person is. If Open Water falls as a responsibility of a Board Member or other sub-committee, feel free to pass along the correct contact person. I would like to have an accurate list of all our Open Water representatives.
I have some tentative, but exciting news! We are scheduled to have the 2020 Western Zone Open Water Championship at Silver Strand Beach, San Diego on Saturday, September 12. Again, this is VERY TENTATIVE, but the application has been submitted to the State of California and it is our intent to host the event that weekend.
Obviously, like everything else in our world currently, we do not know if/what changes we will have to make to our format to abide by social distancing rules and other safety precautions. We will do everything in our means to make the event happen.
I will provide updates as we receive them. Please disseminate this information to your LSC's clubs so coaches can start planning and we can give our athletes something to potentially look forward to! Open Water could certainly prove to be viable way to start training again.
Thanks for your time,
Coach Michael Kinross
Sandpipers of Nevada