OHSAA Updates 4/30/20

OHSAA members,

Here is communication with Dr. Moore regarding the recently updated no contact period.  Also attached at the bottom is the OHSAA Q & A link for common questions.  Thank you Rob Johnson for reaching out to get these questions addressed.  

The OHSAA’s No Contact Period Extended through May 31, 2020

The OHSAA’s “No-Contact Regulation” is now extended through May 31, 2020. While this limits the ability for school coaches to directly coach their student-athletes and will also handcuff them from coaching them in non-school programs, it is a result of current restrictions and orders and puts all programs on the same level playing field. This regulation was implemented long before modern methods of communication and, while we have received many questions on what coaches can or cannot do as a result of “zoom” meetings, text messaging, etc., we have provided guidance that we would ask you to distribute to ALL your coaches. The intent of this regulation was to prohibit direct contact with students, not electronic methods. However, many have taken that to a new level to develop various interpretations of their own. This guidance, which also includes some updates to our General Sports Regulations, is posted at:



We have received some questions from our membership regarding the 4/30 OHSAA posting regarding no contact. We understand that regardless of OHSAA policy, no physical contact with any athlete is what our coaches should be doing. Since many of our high school coaches are also club coaches, that scenario is driving the question.


Would these situations result in OHSAA penalties? In all cases, assume the coach is involved with a high school and club team, using a non-scholastic facility.

[DMoore] Keep in mind that under these current restrictions no contact is permitted through May 31 by any school coach with any interscholastic swimmers or divers regardless of where the facility is located.


- a coach meeting with a grade K-8 student

[DMoore] This is not permissible if the student is an interscholastic athlete.  Our rules have no application for students below grade seven; however, keep in mind that school-owned facilities are closed until July 1 for all students K-12.

- a coach meeting with a class of 2020 student who is about to graduate/has graduated

[DMoore] same comment as above.  Once a student is graduated, that student is no longer an interscholastic athlete.     

- a coach meeting with any person who graduated high school in 2019 or earlier

[DMoore] Same as above.


In all cases, we advise that you observe all communicable disease precautions.  In our area, I am not aware of any pools in the public or private sector, that are open for business at this time. 


Barring a future revision, these coaches could have no physical contact with any current high school student until 6/1/2020- correct?

[DMoore] That is correct.


Thank you!


Rob Johnson

Bellbrook/OHSSCA President-elect