Email update, April 9th

Hello to our Dolphin Swim Team Family!

Around this time of year, I start to get antsy waiting for swim team and for our beautiful pool to open.  I chant in my head, "4 more weeks! 4 more weeks! 4 more weeks!" and get excited for the smell of chlorine, digging my flip flops out of the shoe box, and the drives to and from the pool each day.  I love the warm evenings sitting at a table with my laptop pretending to work (but more likely catching up with "summer friends"), and the sounds of splashing water, laughter, and coaches yelling gleefully over it all.  

Obviously, this year is a bit different.

With the current pandemic situation, you may have guessed that the swim team season is a little... shall we say... in flux.  The Greater Seattle Summer Swim League board has been meeting frequently to assess the situation and make determinations on the 2020 summer swim season.  The health and safety of our swimmers and their biggest fans is and always will be paramount.

Based on the current situation, there appear to be three potential scenarios for the upcoming season:

Option 1 - pools open and practices start by June 15th; season would operate on the current schedule

Option 2 - pools open and practices are able to start by July 6th, with an abbreviated dual meet season

Option 3 - no competetive season if practices cannot start by July 6th, but perhaps still an abbreviated practice schedule with intrasquad meets if permitted by state/local guidelines

We will keep our fingers and toes crossed for option 1, pack a whole lot of fun into a few weeks if we get option 2, and mourn a little but look forward to the 2021 season if we have to deal with option 3.  

All we know is that we are a swim team family, and no virus can take that away from us!  For now, stay hopeful, stay healthy, stay 6 feet apart, and stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Our very best to you,

And as always,

In dolphin,

Patty & Jen