Support Tri Valley Masters


As most of you have heard by now, the Del Valle Open Water Festival for 2020 has been cancelled. Alternative dates have been discussed but with no set plan to be able to host a full event this year. This is Tri Valley Masters biggest fundraiser and what keeps your dues the cheapest in the area. Other fundraising ideas are being discussed to help but TVM needs your support. A donation page has been set up on the website. TVM is a non-profit organization so your donation can be tax deductible. Check to see if your company does a matching program. Maybe donate the dues that weren't charged for April and May. The donation page will be set-up all year so if you can't donate now, please consider it in the future. 

TVM is looking for more fundraising alternatives. If you have ideas, want to help out or experience in this area, please contact the board. 

The return to the water is getting closer. Everyone is looking forward to that day so please consider a donation today.