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A Note From the Coach

Good morning Makos,

I hope all is well.  As of now we are still not able to start swimming, the city and county are not read to open the pools and parks yet.  The opening of other businesses is heartening though.  As I stated in the last note, we are planning day to day and will let you all know as soon as we can move forward.  When we can be assured that we will start up in an ordered and safe manner. 

                One thing that we did start this past week was our ‘Strive for 55’ fundraising event!  We are in our 55th year as a program and there is very little that I want more than for the Makos to be around for another 55 years and more.  We missed out on our Swim-A-Thon this year and with our summer meet and Summer League program looking like they will be significantly modified we need to offset it.  Our goal is $5,500 and I ask you to send this out to family and friends, the link to donate is on our main page of our website or you can go to this link:

We have raised $2,255.53 as of this morning.  The incentives for the kids are if they raise $100 or more, they get to throw a pie in either Coach Joy or Coach Leonard’s face.  Also; for every $1,000 raised both Coach Joy and Coach Leonard will have to sit in an ice bath for 1 minute!!!

Those families that have had someone give:

Allen                                      McCarty                                               Lian

Kraus                                     Whitaker

Conklin                                 Quillen

Gonzalez (Gabby)            Anderson (Wyatt & Evelyn)

Thank you

Coach Leonard