Swim Team Updates 5/4/2020

Hey Plantation Families,

We hope you have been staying happy and healthy during this time! We've been looking forward to getting back to the pool. 

We as a City have begun to open various entities and as some of you might know the parks have opened in the city for passive use only. Today was Coach Terrell and I's (Coach Hannah) first day back to the office. We met with the other full time aquatic staff to begin discussion of plans and practice updates when we are given more information on the phases of opening. 

I know we don't have lots of answers now, but we are so excited for this step in the right direction. We want you to know that we are looking forward to coming up with new practice techniques to keep kids active, but safe while they are at the pool! 

Stay tuned as we learn more information!

Go Piranhas!

Coach Terrell and Coach Hannah