Practice Plan for May!

RUSH and COTA have both been working with Great Hills and Courtyard to see about getting all the swimmers into the water as soon as possible. 

Great Hills is still under construction and is scheduled to be opened at the end of May. 

Courtyard has partially opened to their members but is not yet available for swim team use. Courtyard will not be making a decision about opening up to the swim teams until May 18th. Coach Chic and I have put together a detailed proposal of how we can continue social distancing procedures throughout our practices. We will take this proposal to Courtyard as soon as possible! 

I understand that being away from the pool for such an extended perios of time has been very hard on the swimmers. It has been difficult for us coaches as well. We miss everyone so much!!! Thank you so much for your patience and support as we figure out our next steps. The month of May dues were already posted to your invoices and include the 30% discount. We will continue to provide workouts on the facebook group and we have LOVED all the participation from swimmers and parents! If you would like to hold your account for May please email me and I will be happy to credit your account. Please note the online workouts are only available for active members. 

Thank you!
RUSH Coaches