Updated Swim Team Plans

Swim Team Update-


It’s almost summer… 


Getting pent up in the house?


I’m feeling optimistic that we will have some version of Aqua Club and Swim Team this summer. The Greater Seattle Summer Swim League (GSSSL) has proposed a few different versions of our normal summer season. What we follow is fully dependent on the state reopening phases. There is still the possibility of a reasonably full season, but with workouts not starting until the last part of June. If our state’s reopening phases are further delayed, the season will take on even a different look. There could be fewer meets, smaller meets, age group meets, virtual meets, or even just inter-squad meets. Whatever we’re allowed to do, your coaches remain committed to providing you with a great summer swim experience.


Check the AC website’s news section for GSSSL updates. I’ll regularly update the league’s current plan(s) so that you can stay informed.


If you are a new member, and have swim team questions, plan on participating in a Zoom swim team meeting on May 18th at 6:00pm. I’ll post meeting details on the club website soon.


Looking forward to seeing everybody (eventually…)!


Coach Matt




GSSSL Board Meeting Thoughts

May 2nd virtual GSSSL board meeting

Present: Scott Kelley, Rob Sjoberg, Suzanne Rychlik, Tom Schutte, Travis Weiler and Andrea Fasullo


The goal of the meeting is to determine what, if any, summer league season can be planned based on the new guidelines released by Gov. Inslee on May 1, 2020. Based on these state guidelines, we could anticipate pools opening to the point of allowing some type of swim team practice when we reach Phase 3 (groups would be limited to no more than 50 people). This would allow a tentative start of practices on or around June 15th. Individual teams/clubs would need to devise practice schedules that follow the phase 3 guidelines.


Starting practices on June 15th would permit starting dual meets on Tuesday July 7th and allow us to have all seven scheduled dual meets. There is the option to hold the final meet on Monday July 27th to allow a rest day prior to Girls’ Prelims on Wednesday July 29th.


If we reach phase 4 by July 7th, then dual meets would be able to proceed as normal. Clubs are encouraged to think about promoting as much social distancing as possible and could consider recording or live streaming the meet to limit the number of in person observers. The board feels it is most appropriate for each club to come up with their own strategies in this regard.


Given the uncertainty of whether we would achieve Phase 4 prior to the first dual meet, the board discussed the running of virtual meets to permit us to maintain the social distancing requirements of Phase 3 (i.e. group sizes <50). The goal would be to maximize flexibility for clubs while still allowing kids the opportunity to swim and race.


Overview of proposed virtual meet scenario:

  • Coaches would provide team line ups by the evening prior to the day of the meet     

  • The hosting computer rep would provide a psych sheet to both teams with exhibition swimmers appropriately noted

  • Each club would run races and collect times for their swimmers as they see fit on the day of the meet. This could be done at any point during the day as long as all races are completed by 9 pm. 

  • If possible and agreeable to both clubs, we would encourage allowing the senior group to race each other in person at the hosting pool.

  • Times would be submitted to hosting computer operator who would compile and send out final results


Post season meet modifications:

  • Girls prelims will be held on Wednesday July 29th and Boys prelims on Thursday July 30th. These meets would be timed finals and the results of north and south merged with the top 8 in each event advancing to All City at View Ridge.

  • As we anticipate the need to maintain some degree of social distancing, the board discussed several strategies to limit the number of individuals at the pool for these large meets. The most likely approach would be to limit the number of swimmers in each event to the top 12 overall and possibly creating several sessions broken down by age group. These recommendations would be finalized around the beginning of July.


The board will provide follow up to the league at the end of May to confirm a practice start date of June 15th or revise that date based on updated guidelines. 

Due to the delay in the start of the season, league forms will not be due until July 1st for this season. League dues will remain $1000 for the season but if there are any teams that are experiencing financial hardship they should contact the board. Similarly, please contact the board if there are any difficulties with meeting the coach certification requirements for this season.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm