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NM stingray summer swim 2020 May update
New Mark families,
Its May 5th. My dad's birthday and Cinco DeMayo. Two normal things that happen every year. Not having any definitive answers about summer swim this season is definitely not the norm for me. The future of summer swim for 2020 is still up in the air unfortunately. If you have heard anything from other teams is merely speculation. Nothing has been decided.  
Northland Conference will hear something May 15th. The Northland Conference Board (which I am a part of) will meet May 18th. I will have answers for the team shortly after that. It might not be the very next day...but it will be shortly thereafter. I want to meet with the New Mark Board first.
If there is a season I predict if could look very different.
-We are waiting to hear specific guidelines from the Clay County Health Department and Missouri Valley Swimming.
-Its very possible there will be strict social distance guidelines.
We are working on contingency plans for summer swim. The board has discussed some ideas to at the very least put the athletes in the water. We will do our very best to have some type of season and will modify as best we can if we are given the option. The future is unknown and these are merely ideas. We are as passionate as anyone to have a season but have to put the health and safety of swimmers/families/coaches first.
If we are allowed to practice we might only be able to have so many on the pool deck at once.
-We want to at least have practices to get the swimmers in water and modify times and days as such. We will work on this diligently when we have more definitive answers.
-If we are not allowed to have big dual meets we may have to have age group inter-squad meets. 
-We will discount the amount each swimmer is charged based on a shortened season if we have to go with this option. 
-Pools may open late. If so we will modify our season to accommodate different dates.
-Cap production has stopped. Customized caps might not happen this season
-We are working on a spirit-wear and suit order link. We won't put these out until we know for sure we can even get in the water. 
-If you have already paid the full amount and we have to modify our season you will get some percentage of refund. Everyone will get a full refund who has paid if we don't have a season at all.
-We still want to celebrate our seniors season or not and have lots of great ideas to do that. 
-We are still planning on "meet the coach" on May 26th 5:30-7:30pm at the Brookings Clubhouse. We will send out specific info after we hear the outcome of our season.
If we don't have a season...I know several coaches who will be super bummed not to see our Stingrays this season. Coach Jack has really been looking forward to seeing everyone. I am hoping for something...anything this summer. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have. 
With much gratitude on behalf of the New Mark Swim Team, 
Kris Roberts