SHARK BITES for the week of 5/4/2020

Fellow Sharks-


USA swimming is doing several webinars throughout the month of May while teams across the country (and many around the world) are awaiting a return to the water and sport we love.

I'd suggest checking them out -- there are some geared specifically for coaches, swimmers, and or parents. I'd advise advance registration and signing in, up to 15 minutes before it starts, because zoom does have a limit on the number in a live session. 

There are also MANY online recorded sessions you may find useful as well. 

Presenter Bios:



We are enriching our workouts from bodyweight to also include stretch cords and light hand weights. For those who have these, we will offer options in dryland to use them along with non-equipment options.  If your swimmer would like to get some gear (OPTIONAL)  -- AMAZON has some relatively inexpensive ones. Speaking of shopping on Amazon - consider setting up Amazon Smile to donate to the West Chicago Sharks!!!  Please keep in mind the Smile donation program only works when ordering from the correct browser page and does not currently work with app purchases.


Our board has approved purchasing EVERY family on WCS a yard sign -- we'd love to see you display these in your yards going forward once they arrive. This will be a key way to promote enrollment in our sport and team. More to come on this soon. 


We are developing a game night to include a scavenger hunt for items around the house as a fun way to stay connected and socialize with fellow swim families while we await our return to the water. More to come on this soon. 


With the phased restart we all recognize that practices and meets will not look the same for some time going forward. Illinois Swimming will make a determination by June 1, 2020, on the state level Regionals and Champs meets for summer season - but we already know that ALL local, state, and national level meets will not occur as they traditionally have based on grouping limits and other things Covid-19 has taught us, are now current best practice. ISI is developing plans for a 'return to the pool celebration' format that would allow teams to conduct time trials in their home pools with the results being compiled by the meet software with other sites. This is like postal swim meets - which Masters levels do frequently - you set a training goal - train - test your progress with a 'meet swim' and mail in your time to see how you did and win ribbons based on how you place overall. 


We are working to locate pool space (HS pool is under construction and many, many outdoor pools are choosing to remain closed for this summer) and develop a training schedule to restart according to the USA Swimming protocols that have been developed as well as our state and local health department, facility protocols for restarting in the water.

With the need for everyone's safety to extend the stay at home order and a phased restart plan by all levels of government -- we will look to offer training that carries directly into the winter season... this will likely be in a camp-style setting keeping the kids in the water several days of the week through August and when we ramp up our traditional pool time for winter season in September. 

Much is in the works and being figured out. Like for example we are awaiting clearance to allow our coaches and HS athletes into the school building to access things left in the pool and locker rooms. The HS is developing a plan for this as we speak, but they are currently focused on Seniors right now.


I just want to extend my THANKS to EVERYONE for showing patience during this unique time. To the Sharks BOARD for supporting our staff and allowing us to offer the drylands. The COACHES for participating in staff development and designing dryland activities during this time. Also, to our SWIMMERS who are joining us on our zoom drylands and to our PARENTS for keeping with us as we await a return to the pool. 


Coach Dan