OAC Orcas 2020 Summer Swim League CANCELLED

Dear Orca families

It is with a heavy heart that I advise the OAC Orcas have cancelled their 2020 summer league swim team.

OAC Orcas have always prided themselves on fun, family, new experiences and fabulous festivities over the swim season. We have a truly unique environment but this summer wouldn’t be anything like that which we know and love summer swim to be. The environment surrounded Covid-19 changes the rules of engagement beyond that which we want to accommodate.

IF the league is able to run a season (not to be confirmed until June 5th), the season would start late June and run through to August 1st.  This is of course dependent on the pools being cleared to open. There may be some neighborhoods who will run a team this season, registration restrictions will be lifted. At this time we do not know who those teams will be, as soon as I have clarification I will share this information.

Refunds will be issued for those of you that have registered and paid.

We’re so terribly sorry for the loss of opportunity for your children and the family as a whole to share in this unique experience that we all know and love so much.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you have. Hug your kiddos from me, they will all be missed AND roll on 2021 when we can kick this off again! GO ORCAS! 

Sincerely yours

Coach Vanessa