BASH update
  1. Hope all of our BASH families are doing well! It has been a trying 8 weeks!
  2. NO news yet on a return to the Y and the swimming pools. We are hoping Governor DeWine will give us some directions this week. We are planning on a swim season (if permitted by the State of Ohio). It will be different, but we will make something work!
  3. Hopefully your swimmers (and other children) have been doing their school work. It is important they do as much as possible – they are building the base for their future studies. Older students need to finish their current school year and earn grades acceptable to continue with their school sport programs in the upcoming school year. Eligibility is a real factor!
  4. Physical exercise is also very important! Hopefully all are being active. We will be sending out exercise sheets to the 11 and over swimmers. IF they complete the sheets, they will get their name in a hat and we will draw for prizes! Look for sheets this week!
  5. Also, if you have any short videos or pictures of your swimmer working out- please pass it along, we want to post more on our BASH website.