Week 8 S&C Challenge, Our Team ROCKS!!!!

Hello Team!!


I hope that you all had a wonderful day of celebration with your mothers. Remember to thank them for all that they do to get you to practice and support your in your swimming.

I so miss seeing everybody at the pool! Can you believe that it is week 8 of our S&C Challenge!  Hope that you all had a good weekend and enjoyed time with your families.  Remember on Wednesday we have our group chats over Zoom Conference Calls.  Each group has an assigned time to dial in and we can all visit.  We will have these team Zoom calls every Wednesday until we get back into the water.  If you have a question, comment or suggestion about S&C or what is coming up, now is your chance to ask.  I will send out a new meeting link on Tuesday.  The times are 12:30pm Silver and Gold; 1:00-1:30pm Bronze; 2:00-2:30pm Sr and PrSr.  If you have issues signing in please send me a text or email.  Look forward to hearing how everybody is doing!! Please continue to stay safe and heathy.   Please remember to practice safe distancing according to the CDC Guidelines.  South Texas Swimming which is our LSC for USA Swimming has a Covid-19 link on their web page.  It has great information about what USA Swimming is doing in regards to moving forwards.  That link is

We will have a parent Zoom Conference Call on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 6:00pm.  During this call we will hear from Karen Hipshman, Circle C HOA Manager.  I will also talk about the USA Team Safe Sport Designation that we as a team are required to complete and USA Swimming meet plans. The invitation link will be forwarded in a separate email on Monday.

The workout this week will be fun and challenging.  Get your balloons ready to go, grab those jump ropes and ready to go for this week.  Do not worry if you do not have mini dumbbells or weights at your house.  Everything will be able to be done with things you have at home.  So, lace up those running shoes, grab that water bottle and get prepared for a hot week of great fun!  : )

Keep posting your pictures and videos!  It is awesome to see everybody working hard.  It will pay off when we get back into the water.   Please remember to video or take pictures and post to the team Facebook site or the Circle C Aquatics FB page.  Challenge each other to see who can do the most days of S&C without missing.  Post a video or picture of each day. Some swimmers do not have FB and have sent emails.  That works, just have your mom or dad send to your pictures or video to:  To qualify the workouts must be done on the day it states in the email.  You cannot do them all on one day and post the pictures, one picture or video a day. The swimmer who does the most in each swim group will get an awesome prize ($50 gift card) when we return to the water.  If there is at tie we will put the names in a hat and draw the first day we return to the water for the winner in that group.  There will be a smaller prize for all swimmers who are participating in the tied drawing who do not win the $50 gift card.

I am so proud of all who are participating!  It is not to late to join up! Jump in this week and you will see the payoff in the water when we get back to swim workouts.   This week we are using information from my S&C training book, SwimSwam, conversations with other coaches. Any questions please email me or give me a call 210-632-4344.


Silver and Gold

PrSr and Sr

Definitions of Exercises


Let’s be safe and take care,

Coach Jennie Lou