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This Week:

Mon, 5/11 Gold, Platinum and YRHS Group Meeting 3:30pm via Zoom!

Click here for Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 971 349 192

Password: 984936


Tues, 5/12 Silver/Bronze Meeting 4pm via Zoom! 

Click here for Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 770 0352 7805

Password: 075420


Thur, 5/14 Green/Blue Meeting 4pm via Zoom! 

Click here for Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 739 2498 1546

Password: 079902



SIP Workouts/Presentations:

Backstroke, Freestyle and Breaststroke presentations can be viewed on our website


Gold, Platinum and YRHS Dryland Program. Parents must decide if it is in the best interest of their children to participate in dryland activities. 


Green, Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold should check out TeamFeed or OnDeck for coaches assignments and videos. You need to log-in to see videos. 

Important Dates:

Fri, 5/22: Butterfly presentation @ 3:30pm via Zoom!


6/1: Summer schedule starts. TBD Click here for timetable



Help Us Become a Safe Sport Recognized Club: 

In addition to below, achieving Safesport recognition will give us higher priority in grant considerations.

PST is committed to creating an abuse-free, safe, healthy, and positive environment for all of our members. An important feature of this program is that our swimmers (age 12 and older) and parents complete Safe Sport Training for Swimmers and Parents, respectively. The training is about 20 minutes, well done and broadly applicable, even outside of the swimming environment. You can complete the training as a USA Swimming member or nonmember:

(LSC: Pacific Swimming | Swim Club:  Piedmont Swim Team)

Thank you for participating, 

Kate Arnold, PST SafeSport Coordinator


***New: SIP Challenge - Indoor Olympian:

For Green/Blue and Bronze/Silver Groups! 

Watch Coach Colby’s videos, find the code word and attend weekly zoom meetings to earn points. Swimmers from those two groups with most points will be given an award at our banquet in August. Join this week's zoom meetings to find out more!



Swimmers SIP Updates:

Have you met our exercise partner yet?

Send us your SIP photos to


Zoom Meeting Updates:

The coaches will be taking screenshots from our zoom meetings. Last week the bronze/silver group had a fun time playing pictionary with Coach Colby.



 Coaches Updates:

Each week one of our coaches will share their SIP experience. 

From Coach Rob:


“Coach Rob’s SIP Odyssey


Greetings Piedmont Swim Team! I hope you are all navigating these times well. I have been mainly focusing on two things during my SIP.


  1. The other coaches have been focusing much of their time on helping you stay in shape physically through Dryland exercise, yoga and stroke technique. My focus has been on the Mental/Emotional side of sports (and life 🙂). I have done a few handouts and videos on four main subjects:


  1. Deep Breathing

  2. Relaxation

  3. Visualization

  4. Leadership (more to come)


  1. Education. I have so far completed my ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association) Level 4 Leadership school, ASCA Advanced Breaststroke School and ASCA advanced Backstroke School. I have also kept up to date on the latest training ideas and methods through online research.


Personally, my focus has been on not losing my I've been taking daily long walks with my puppy Levi as well have started on a personal training program with resistance bands. Rather than focusing on what I cannot do, I am taking this opportunity to do the things I am usually too “busy” to accomplish!


Stay Strong! Stay Sane! Stay Considerate!


Coach Rob”


All meets are currently on hold. We will update our website, newsletter and send out details as soon as the next meet is scheduled and confirmed.


A place to sell, exchange or give away swim items. Email submissions to by Sunday night to be included in the weekly newsletter.

Board News:

5/19 Next Board Meeting TUESDAY 6:30pm via Zoom! Any Questions? Please email any of the Board members with questions or concerns. 






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