Weekly Bulletin #6

Weekly Bulletin #7

Hello GSH swimmers and parents,

I hope that all our club swim moms had a great day yesterday. 

The city recently allowed the use of public parks with some restrictions on this link  Guidelines for the use of spaces in city parks, from the Ottawa Public Health web page, you can find the official information on what is allowed. We will continue sending more details as we find out what we are allowed to do.

Last week I wrote about the Athlet Triangle, and this week I will continue with the roles and actions that parents can do to help to build bridges between the dots of the Triangle.

The connections between the dots are:

  1. Coach – Swimmer
  2. Parent – Swimmer
  3. Coach – Parent

Each connection has a role, and if all three sides of the Triangle communicate correctly and work on the same page, then we give the swimmer and the team the best opportunity for success. 

Coaches - Swimmer

At GSH, we have a committed coaching staff who genuinely care about your kids. All our coaches coach because they love it and they feel confident, we are pretty good at what we do. Our structure is designed to consistently challenge the kids in learning and mastering one skill at the time and progress. Swimming is more than laps and races; it is a log term character and discipline development program. In previous bulletins, I explained what an athlete needs to master before they can succeed; the coaches’ role consists of preparing that environment with all the elements in their right place and time.  

Our Program Objectives and Challenges are:
  • Overall Seek the development of each child. Build Character first.
  • Try to always act in the best interest of all children and their needs within the program.
  • Try to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the Group.

Our Goals for every Group are:

  • Develop a balance of fun while teaching the kids the importance of working hard and commitment.
  • Develop a long-term success plan, in & out of the pool and love for the sport.
  • CHALLENGE KIDS consistently.

Parent -  Swimmer

Parenting is probably one of the hardest sciences. Usually, parents learn to parent on the way, each family has their way to educate, there is only one thing EVERY parent wants for their children, that is the best opportunities to succeed in life but ultimately be HAPPY. 

In swimming and every sport, maybe also in every activity that the children get involved in what they need form their parents is support and care, a little emotional help when things are tuff.

Every competition is hard, such as life is, races don’t need any extra pressure, especially not from the #1 Fans of the athlete (parents). Kids need to fail, and they will, when that happens, they need support & understanding from their parents.

When parents leave the coaches, Critique performance, Discipline during swimming, Determine goals & direction, Push and challenge swimmers etc. And in EVERY moment (Yes, including lost races), they only show their support to the swimmer, then the kids learn from failure, ignite the passion, become more comfortable in taking risks. Because they know that they have their backs covered, the love of the most important person for them (Yes, parents are that person) is guaranteed. 

What is the only thing that parents need to say to their children? “I love watching you swim, and I am so proud of you.”

I want to share a quiz from USA Swimming - ARE YOU A PRESSURE PARENT?

  1. Is winning more important to you or your child?
  2. Is your disappointment obvious?
  3. Can only you “psyche up” your child?
  4. Is winning the only way your child can enjoy sports?
  5. Do you conduct post mortems after competition or practice?
  6. Do you feel you have to force your child to practice?
  7. Can you do better coaching your child?
  8. Do you dislike your child’s opponents?
  9. Are your goals or your child’s goals more important to you?
  10. Do you provide material rewards for performance?

YOU ARE IF YOU ANSWER YES, to any of the questions!

Coach - Parents

Building trust needs to start with an idea, both sides want the same for the swimmer, and then communication is the key. 

Coaches design the program and make the swimming editions; coaches will try to explain every aspect of the swimming program, parents make the desition to have their kids training in our program and let them participate in competitions or group/team activities. 

In GSH, we want to team up with parents when you have concerns, questions or comments, find the group lead coach (PLEASE not at practice time, other kids need the coach’s attention) talk to them. The Head Coach should also be available to help when the issue is not directly related to the practice or races when it is related to the program & structure. 


New in our Web Page

Family Resources & Helpful Links. You will have to be signed in to access this information, but I decided to add this section where I am going to be adding more content on the go. All the links I’ve sent on the Weekly bulletins are going to be there, plus more other helpful links.

I hope this is not too late, and that you can find this information helpful


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I wish everyone a great week, 

Luis Luebs