Looks like we're coming back to swimming soon!  Week of July 6th at GHS

As you may have heard - most local summer swim programs have been cancelled - NOT OURS!  This means when the dial gets turned a few times - we will probably fill up completly.  With that said - register early to secure your spot in summer swim!  (You can always withdrawl - without any penalty/fees).  

(NOTE:  GHS ONLY-We knew with CHS major summer construction we wouldn't be back to Cedarburg this summer.)

We did get word that Grafton High School is open to scheduding for the summer starting the week of JULY 6th!

We need a few things to happen to make this date work for our program.  #1 GHS actually opens.  #2 No restrictions on proximity with teacher/students.  Safety First - this means up close and personal.  #3 Group size 50+.  As many of you know, we don't skimp on staffing, and we have no plans of doing so in the future.  This means we can't be restricted by 50 or less on deck at any given time - that simply won't work for our program.  (Of course things can change - it all depends on if we can work withing the guidelines given for that time period)

We have opened up our proposed summer online registration TODAY!  We are NOT going to charge for summer registration at this time.  We will invoice everyone who has secured their spot online after we know we're a go later this June!  

If you are one of those families who have a credit with our program from this spring - simply register online SOON to secure your preferred lesson time.  I will apply that credit to your summer registration.  Please know, your investments are SAFE with us.  We will ensure you never loose money with this program.  We're all in this together and together we'll make it work!  That policy will never change!