Summer 2020 Swim Season is Cancelled!

Dear Duck Families, 

Thanks to all who responded to the survey. We had 40 responders of which one family responded twice. I will provide details on the survey tomorrow.

This evening the Prince William Swim League held a virtual meeting with representatives from all 24 teams. The members voted to cancel the swim season. Regrettably, this means that there will be no Swim Meets this summer. There will be another meeting to discuss how to accommodate those swimmers that would be aging out this season. The VA governor has held off phase one recovery until the end of the May, so there is very little clarity regarding the future of athletics and even schools. Accordingly, we will continue to be hopeful and pray no one is lost to the virus. The decision can be debated for a long time, but considering that all professional sports have been cancelled, the Olympics were cancelled, and people are still getting sick is more than adequate reason to take a cautious approach.

Prince William County Park and Recreation has not made any decisions regarding the opening of the county’s water parks. I will continue to keep in touch with them to determine what options may become available to the team at Splashdown.

There may be another survey or two coming out soon. Please let your input be heard by answering those surveys.

Thank you,


Gerry Peters

President, Ben Lomond Swim Team, Inc.