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WAC - Required SafeSport Training Online

 Greetings WACsters,   As part of our affiliation with USA Swimming and our commitment to keeping your athletes safe, we are all required to participate in an online safesport training class.  This class will be offered in the evenings over the next couple of weeks, so you'll have a couple of different evenings to choose from.    Please see the note below for details, I'll send a reminder next week with links in our 'regular" newsletter.

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Hello Safe Sport Champions!




USA Swimming will offer an additional athlete training session this week on Thursday evening (5/14) at 8:00pm EST. We received a lot of feedback that having this additional session would be helpful for those kids still in school. Next week we will have an extra parent session on Wednesday (5/20) evening at 8:00pm EST. The athlete and parent links will remain the same for the evening sessions (see below).


USA Swimming Safe Sport staff are hosting weekly Zoom training's to help club’s achieve the training requirements of the Safe Sport Club Recognition Program.


Parents and athletes will tune in for the one hour training where attendance will be taken so their clubs receive credit. There will also be weekly training available to coaches where they will learn more about the Safe Sport Club Recognition program and how to share Safe Sport information with their membership.


There is no registration required at this time, attendees only need to join the meeting at the links below and come willing to participate and learn.


Please pass this meeting information along to your families.

Training Opportunities Resources


Reminder: You must be on time for the training sessions!


Wednesday - Parent Training  https://zoom.us/j/93724361466?pwd=OVF4RFlNZFpaMHhqSEVVRGwzbmpQUT09


Thursday - Athlete Training (12 - 18 year old) https://zoom.us/j/97633664936?pwd=YnpXZmljME5PcldacW9ZQ0w5YTFIZz09


Friday - Coach Training  https://zoom.us/j/98698656108?pwd=NzQ5TGdjWkRDc0Irck9tWHpJL1hkQT09




If you need assistance, or have Safe Sport questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Safe Sport Chair or to USA Swimming.