MT Swim Spring HOD Meeting May 17 is a ZOOM meeting - Deadlines for nominations

The spring Montana Swimming House of Delegates meeting to be held Friday May 15 in Bozeman has beene re-organized due to the coronavirus outbreak and cancellation of the BOZ May Classic swim meet. The meeting will now will be held Sunday, May 17 at 7:00 pm as a ZOOM meeting.

Zoom meeting information is available from Matt Yovich or Susan Huckeby.

Officers, please send your reports to Susan in Word format by May 15.

Clubs should send dates for their short course season meets to Sean Marshall by May 12.

Clubs should let Susan Huckeby know who will be voting for your team by May 15. Each club may have one athlete vote and one non-athlete vote.

Bids for the 2021 MT Swimming Short Course State Championships and the 2021 MT Swimming Junior B-C Championships should be submitted to General Chair Matt Yovich by May 1.

Athlete of the Year nominations: Using the form to calculate Hy-Tek power points posted on the website under the current HOD meeting tab, please submit nominations with the completed form to Susan Huckeby by Friday May 15.

Sportsperson of the Year nominations: Please send written nominations to Susan Huckeby by May 15. Nominees must be high school juniors or seniors to be considered. Consideration is given for leadership, scholarship, volunteer activity, work, and athlete support.

Philips 66 Volunteer of the Year: Please send written nominations to Susan Huckeby by May 15. This award is presented annually to an outstanding non-athlete member for volunteer service in the LSC. The person cannot be paid to perform the work. A person may only receive the award once.

If your club desires to bid to host a Montana swimming sanctioned championship state swim meet, please follow the directions below to submit a bid.

Your club must submit a MT State Meet Bid Form (updated February 3, 2020)    Word      PDF . 

You must fill out one form for each championship meet you are bidding on.  Please submit this request to: MT Swimming General Chair Matt Yovich by deadlines listed below. 

Bid conditions and maximum bids:

  • Bidders will be required to submit bids 14 days prior to the appropriate House of Delegates meeting.
  • Bidders must include itemization of the rental expenses and estimated costs in their bid.
  • Bidders must submit proof of actual costs for those items with their meet financial form in order to receive the bid reimbursement. 
  • Bids shall not exceed $15,000. Allowable reimbursable rental costs include pool rent (inclusive of facility and staff costs), networking equipment, Port-a-Johns, and other reasonable items as itemized in each bid.

Junior B-C Championships and Short Course State: Submit bids no later than 14 days prior to the Spring HOD meeting in May.  At the spring HOD meeting we will vote on the host, venue, and date for these meets.  Advised submission date is May 1. 

Long Course State: Submit bids no later than 14 days prior to the the fall HOD meeting in October.  At the fall HOD meeting we will vote on the host, venue, and date for this meet.  Advised submission date is September 16.

The host team must provide all necessary timing equipment, organize volunteer staff, provide hospitality for coaches and officials, and provide all program printing.  The host team will receive the profit from the concession stand, swim shop, sponsorships from the community, program sales, and their ad sales that are in the programs they sell. 

Montana Swimming will pay for awards.The award order must be coordinated by the host team.

MT Swimming receives all meet entry fees, time trial fees, and splash fees, if applicable. 

Montana Swimming must receive the bid information no less than 14 days prior to the HOD meeting and may post the bids on the website for everyone to review.