Town Hall Zoom & At-Home Program Survey

Dear EMAC Families,

When and how we return to normal operations remains unknown.  To ensure a certain future for our organization, however, we are going to have to begin to generate revenue once again.  With decisions on our June billing coming up, we wanted to reach out to our membership for some feedback.  

Over the past three years, EMAC has developed into one of the model swim teams in all of Middle Atlantic.  One of the biggest aspects of our improvement has been our commitment to creating full-time jobs to promote consistency and prosperity within our organization.  To that end, we've been incredibly successful.  We've invested more in our staff than any program in the area, by far, and the return has been great for our membership.  However, without generating any revenue for the last two months and with an unclear timetable toward normalcy, we are evaluating ways to generate revenue moving forward.  

We have created and improved upon our At-Home programming, but we want to hear from you.    

Please click HERE or below to fill out a survey that can help us create valuable and desired At-Home programming for our members.   

We are trying to determine what path we will be taking in June.  Please take the time to complete the survey by Monday, May 25h.  

We want all of our parents to join us next week for a series of Town Hall Zoom Meetings where we will discuss this and other relevant issues that we will face over the next few months.  

  • BEES TOWN HALL ZOOM:  Wednesday, May 20th @ 5 PM
  • WASPS TOWN HALL ZOOM:  Wednesday, May 20th @ 6 PM
  • KILLER BEES TOWN HALL ZOOM Wednesday, May 20th @ 3 PM
  • TriEMAC TOWN HALL ZOOM: Tuesday, May 19th @ 5 PM
  • All Zoom Invite Info will be sent via email on Monday, May 18th



We're looking forward to seeing you and hearing from you!