H2okie Aquatics Update #3

Greetings H2okie Aquatic Families!


We hope that everyone has remained safe and healthy during this time and that the warm weather will find you getting outdoors more consistently soon!  


In this update, we will bring you up to speed with regards to the current set of rules and guidelines that have been placed by our state as it pertains to our team activities.  With group sizes being a key metric, we have created a questionnaire form: “ H2okie Aquatics Return to Play ” to help us manage these numbers.  We are asking all families to complete this form by Sunday, May 17th so that we can most accurately gauge the number of participants interested in returning to group style activities and be efficient with the time and space that we have available to our team. 


As conditions permit, we will be slowly ‘opening’ our swim team activities.  I want to share our expectations as they relate to “phases” that the government has been using and what they look like from our team operations perspective:


PHASE 1:  duration in this phase approx 30 days (June 15th)

Small group activities

Slowly getting to meet in person again

Very Limited water activity if at all

Dryland focus


PHASE 2: duration approx 30-60 days (June 15th-Aug 15th)

Small to medium size groups

Return to water activities ( outdoor or indoor)

Emphasis on developing consistent practice/ training opportunities

Expanded dryland program for Sr level

Limited Competitions ( intra-squad / virtual meets are  possibilities)


PHASE 3: (Hopefully Sept 1 time frame)

Return to full programming ( all levels)

Practices have been cemented into a routine

Small in person competitions between other local teams


The above outlines what we can expect as we move from one phase to the next.  Understand that this may take some time and can move more quickly or perhaps slower than we thought.  But as it stands today, here are the rules with which we can operate our swim program and our plan until we hear of the next phase:


Current Covid-19 Phase 1 Guidelines: ( Recreational Businesses) 2-4 weeks in length


Outdoors Only

1 swimmer per lane


Drylands: (PEAK for example)

Outdoors Only

Social Distance of minimum of 6 feet


Pool Swimming:

We currently do not have immediate plans to return to the pool.  With the one per lane restrictions it’s not an efficient model to allow us to have 80+ swimmers begin a swimming regiment.  The CAC is most likely a phase 2 candidate and we will explore this further when we have more information. 


Quarry (Open water Swimming):

The Quarry is an option within Phase 1.  However, the water temperature is still very cold ( 64 degrees).  We will keep an eye on the temperature and when it gets higher we will begin a plan to utilize this body of water.  Again, please fill out the questionnaire so we know who to include.


Drylands- PEAK

We are very fortunate to have the use of PEAK for dryland training.  We have been in close communication with the management team at PEAK and it is our plan to utilize this space for our AG3 and Sr Level swimmers.  Following the responses to the questionnaire, we will take the number of  interested swimmers and divide up into small groups of 10 or less.  We have marked out 10’x 10’ workout stations in the parking lot.  This exceeds the minimum of 6’ and provides ample space for movement and exercise.  A new signed waiver form will be required by the facility and can be done upon arrival the first day your child attends.  If I get a copy in advance, I will forward along. Once we have this all together, we will email out practice groups/ days/ times etc. Currently, our practice window at PEAK will be Mon-Fri between 1:30pm and 4pm.  Classes will be 45 min with 15min of sanitation in between. It is our hope to get everyone who is interested (2) sessions per week. 



  • Athletes may not enter the building for equipment or general gathering.  We will be strictly outside unless there is a bathroom emergency.

  • Any piece of equipment that is touched must be sanitized after use- cleaning supplies will be provided.

  • Since outdoors, classes will be weather permitting.  Swimmers will be asked to shelter in their cars should weather cause a stoppage. 

  • Athletes may wear a protective mask at their own discretion but it is not required.


We will continue to post workouts on instagram (h2okiesdryland)  and to our Youtube channel (H20kies Drylands) as well as creating team challenges throughout this time!


Again, while we all want to be able to return to our “normal” habits, I have been stressing to our swimmers that we are in the “new normal”.  Safety and precautions are paramount at this point of our re-opening of programming.   This must be the #1 objective everytime we meet.  Fitness and big picture swimming goals are great and should be encouraged during this time, but our safety and well being are our priority.  We thank you in advance for talking this over with your swimmers, and we cannot wait to begin to interact and see one another again!  

Please take a quick minute and fill out our questionnaire.  And as always, thank you for your continued patience and support!


Scott Baldwin


“H20kie Return to Play Questionnaire”