GCSTO's Swimming Dryland Training Registration Open To The Public

GCSTO Offers Innovative Spring Dryland Swim Training Sessions For Swimmers In Central Ohio

Back in the early to mid-2000's GCSTO developed a program to mimic something the divers were already doing... diving on dryland without any water and simply with the use of a diving board, a port-a-pit and a belt system. We simply figured if divers could learn to dive on dryland why couldn't swimmers learn to swim on dryland. As such we developed a program where our swimmers would be swimming in front of mirrors looking at a TV which had videos playing of elite level swimmers performing starts, turns, strokes and such in the water. We would also develop actual sets (such as 10 X 50’s fly) that the athletes would do along with these elite swimmers by simply looping videos of that elite swimmer on a CD. We would then be right there with our swimmers to try and get them to reproduce those quality techniques after setting up entire video practices for the swimmers to follow. We had a dance studio to do this in at a local pool facility we were using but the facility closed down and we were unable to launch the program and we found that technology was not so friendly to putting together our concept.

  Regardless of not being able to run that entire program in the studio we began to expand on adapting our dryland training at the pool to include an ever expanding array of exercises that closely or completely mimicked exact swimming skills. This allows us to not only train the muscle groups needed to perform these skills better as a coordinated effort but also allows us to actually teach exacting and specific swimming skills on dryland. It’s allowed us to develop a dryland that not only helps strengthen and condition an athlete but help teach them about the technical aspects of the sport of swimming, as well. We can do drills, we can do pull sets, we can do kick sets, we can do starts, turns, finishes, breathing patterns, pace work, stroke counts, send-off/interval work and more ALL while under the eyes of their coach.

  The good news is that technology is now to the state that we can easily do this type of programming now and we can easily run ONLINE SWIMMING TRAINING sessions. We have been running these through the ZOOM platform internally within the team since the beginning of April and now are offering them to ANY swimmer (high school, summer league or otherwise) who wishes to take advantage of these sessions a chance to join our online sessions.

Live sessions occur at 10:30 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, and then at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Athlete ages for this group will be anywhere from 8 years old upward. They last approximately 45-60 minutes each day. Live sessions for experienced athletes age 14 & over are held Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings starting at 5:15 p.m. and then on Saturday mornings at 10:45 a.m. with all of these sessions lasting about 60-75 minutes in length. The cost for the remaining 2 weeks of the spring will be $20 regardless of which sessions it is that you attend. Your registration for this program allows you also to gain access to any of our past recorded sessions that we’ve done this spring as well.

 NOTE: Athletes registered with GCSTO for the fall/winter 19/20 season do NOT need to register for these sessions as they are free to those athletes. Only athletes who were not with us this fall and winter who wish to participate in these need actually register to participate.

Athletes registering for this program who are deemed not actually ready for such programming will have their $20 refunded. 

To get registered for this program please CLICK HERE. Contact coach Steve Nye at 614-478-5445 or stevenye@sbcglobal.net with questions.

If registrations swell for this program, GCSTO will either limit memberships or increase the number of live sessions that we offer each week.


PS - We will set up our summer schedule for this program shortly and make that available.