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AGM Update

Newmarket Stingrays  -  Annual General Meeting Announcement

Date – June 15, 2020

Time – 700pm

Location – To be announced

Just a reminder that the Newmarket Stingrays AGM is scheduled for June 15, 2020.  This meeting is held to discuss the current year operations, next year’s plans and review the Club’s financial performance. Participation credits will be awarded to members who attend (per family). 

There will be an election of Board positions at the Annual General Meeting.  There are 6 positions up for election based on the Club By-Laws.  These are two year positions.  There are two open director positions which are one year positions.  Members can submit nominations for any open role whether or not the incumbent is seeking re-election.  If there are open director roles, the Board will encourage members to apply for the open positions. 

The Nomination Form can be found by clicking this  LINK.

Director Nominations; The following positions on the Board are up for re-election as per the By-laws of the Club.  These positions are two year terms:

President – incumbent, Matthew Posno is seeking re-election

Treasurer – incumbent, Marta Klakov, is seeking re-election

Membership – incumbent, Janine Brisbois, is seeking re-election

Communications – Open

Marketing – incumbent, Lisa Mancini, is seeking re-election

Special Events – Tracey Thorne is seeking election (move from Team Travel Director)

The following Board positions remain open from the prior year (or due to movement within the Board).  The positions are one year terms:

Human Resources – open

Director at Large – open

Secretary – open

Team Travel – Lani McKay is seeking election (move from Special events Director)

Nomination Forms must be submitted to the Board by May 31, 2020.  Nomination Forms submitted after this date will not be considered. 

If you are interested and want to discuss what is involved in the Board, please reach out to Matthew Posno at (or any member of the Board to discuss).