The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter. We have the chance to get back in the water. To say that we are excited is an understatement. Hopefully your swimmers are excited about the chance to return.


Because of the non-contact nature of swimming we are going to be able to come closer to “normal” much sooner than many activities. According to the CDC the COVID-19 virus cannot survive in properly treated pool water. The danger of transmission with swimming will come from inadequate physical distancing and shared surfaces. By strictly adhering to spacing protocols and using our own equipment, swimming should be one of the safest sports to participate in.


Like most things, returning to the water is going to be a step by step progression. We are going to have to be adaptable AND there are going to be some new rules that we are going to have to abide by either temporarily or permanently AND if we aren’t able to function within the new rules we will have to wait longer to return to the water.


We are fortunate that our first step back will be June 1-14. After June 14, most likely, we will have a new step (or possibly more of the same step), but the YMCA must get through more time before that next step is determined. We will need to remain flexible.


We are going to find a way to get everyone back in the water that is ready to be swimming. Because of new lane / swimmer limitations we will not be able to list practice times and take people as they walk in the door like we have done in the past. Swimmers will sign-up online and be pre-assigned times and lanes.


For the first couple weeks we have roughed out a schedule based on our numbers that MIGHT work, but we won’t know until people sign up. Some of the basics


  • Younger groups will swim before older groups.
  • All groups will swim two swimmers per lane, one starting at each end, never stopping at the same time at the same end. Swimmers will split the lane (stay on the same side all the time), not circle (like driving). Lanes and ends will be pre-assigned. Swimmers need to know their assignments before coming to the pool.
  • D2 + D3 swimmers have three options. Sign up for any and all you can commit to attending, BUT it is possible (probably) that swimmers signing up for both the A + B options will only be assigned one or the other because of the number of sign-ups
  • Junior group – pretty straight forward – sign up for one or both options
  • Senior group – sign up for one or both options. Swimmers will be assigned a time after sign-ups have closed.
  • This is NOT a first come, first serve system. We won’t have anyone left out because they aren’t glued to their technology, just make sure that you have signed up by the closing date. We will get everyone in the water.


If, after sign ups, the puzzle is unsolvable (too many swimmers for the available slots) we will readjust this plan, most likely slight variations in length of practice and starting times.



OSHY Step 1 (June 1 -14)

  1. Sign-ups for the OSHY Step 1 will be on our website. Use the job sign-up associated with OSHY STEP 1. One swimmer per slot. The deadline is Friday, May 22. Please sign-up as soon as you know what you can commit to. This will help us know early if we have space issues and help us devise Plan B.
  2. For this step in our reopening, because lane space is an extremely limited resource, when you sign up for a practice block, you need to be there AND to be on time. If you sign up and do not attend, you will be removed from subsequent sessions. Given the limited lane space we can’t have people sign up and not show up.
  3. For OSHY Step 1 our practice times will be outside of regular YMCA operating hours. This is temporary, allowing us to return to the water sooner than we would be able to otherwise. On weekdays we will be in the water late. Since we are going to swim outside normal YMCA operating hours, we aren’t going to be able to start until 7:30 PM with any group. For each group, practice times will be much later than we are used to, but hopefully people will be able to adjust their schedules for a couple weeks to take advantage of the opportunity.
  4. No locker rooms. Come in your suit, leave in your suit. No YMCA towels, bring your own.
  5. One restroom in the family locker rooms will be available. One swimmer at a time. No changing.
  6. There will be a chair behind each lane for swimmers to sit and/or put their “stuff”. No bleachers, it will help us stay spread out.
  7. Swimmers must have their own equipment. NO YMCA EQUIPMENT. D2 + D3 swimmers need a kickboard and fins. JR + SR swimmers need a kickboard, fins, paddles, and pull buoy. If you don’t have these already you have time to order them.
  8. No parents on deck, only swimmers.
  9. Swimmers will not be allowed to congregate on deck or in the bleachers before or after practice.
  10. We will enter and exit through the back doors of the pool. Parents drive around to the back of the YMCA and drop off and pick up your swimmer(s). Swimmers that drive to practice, park in the back.
  11. Dropping off and picking up your children
  1. Your child needs to arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before their scheduled practice. Not the normal OSHY 15 minutes early. We can’t have people congregating on deck (or outside the door waiting to get in.) If you arrive early have your child stay in the car until 10 minutes before practice. Watch your child walk into the pool.
  2. Swimmers need to be off deck within 5 minutes of the conclusion of their practice. We will stick to published times. If your child has a phone, text them letting them know that you have arrived to pick them up. If your child doesn’t have a phone text Jay at 920-279-8689 letting me know that you have arrived to pick them up. No swimmer is going to leave the pool deck without a confirmed pick up.
  1. If you think your child is ready for the next group up from the group they swam with in March email Jay at to initiate the discussion.




                A             7:30-8:00 PM                     Monday and Wednesday

                B             7:30-8:00 PM                     Tuesday and Thursday

                C             2:30-3:00 PM                     Saturday and Sunday



                A             7:30-8:15 PM                     Monday and Wednesday

                B             7:30-8:15 PM                     Tuesday and Thursday

                C             3:00-3:45 PM                     Saturday and Sunday



                A             8:15-9:30 PM                     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

                B             3:45-5:15 PM                     Saturday and Sunday



                A             8:15-9:30 PM* or             Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

                                9:30-11:00 PM*

                B             3:45-5:15 PM* or             Saturday and Sunday

                                5:15-7:00 PM*


*Assignment made after sign-ups closed



  • If you paid in full at the start of the season you are good to go.
  • If you are in the JR or SR groups and you paid by installments your next installment will be drawn / charged June 1. JR or SR swimmers on the installment plan that are not going to swim in the summer contact Jean at by May 22.
  • D2 and D3 swimmers’ sessions ended in March. When you sign-up for a spot that will be your “re-registration” and you will be billed (D2 - $50, D3 - $65) June 1 and July 1.