May 25-31 Stretching & flexibility exercises for swimmers

Monday, 5/25                 FLX - Swimmers stretches


Tuesday, 5/26                 3 stretches to do before swimming


                                        Dynamic & Static Stretches for swimmers


Wednesday, 5/27           Stretching before and after swimming


Thursday, 5/28               4 Stretches Michael Phelps used to increase speed


Friday, 5/29                     10 minutes stretching for swimmers


Saturday, 5/30                20 minute swimming stretching & flexibility routine


Sunday, 5/31                   Race Club dryland stretching exercises



Dryland for this week :


30/40/50 always refers to the number of seconds for each exercise. Smaller numbers, such as, 6/8/10 refer to the number of repetitions to be done.

Swimmers should do either a run or bike cardio workout 3 times during the week. 

Age Group 20 mins., Intermediates 25 mins., and Seniors 30 mins.