LC Update 2020

Hello all,


Last week, we were notified that USA Swimming has cancelled all June meets. With that said, all June events originally listed will be removed from the meet schedule. For anyone that typically attended the travel trip portion of the Fishers meet, we intend on providing a travel trip during the short course season, if possible.


In order to get concrete numbers for our potential re-opening plan, we will be deactivating all accounts that have not registered for the long course season at the end of the week.


Considering these uncertain times, if you didn’t register, but still intend to, please email us and we will keep you active until you are able to register. This would allow you to continue receiving emails and/or attending team meetings to stay engaged with the team.


If you have registered, but do not intend to swim if/when Birchwood pool opens, please contact Mario Bialek at this week to withdraw and get your refund.  It will help us get an accurate count.


On a side note, next week’s update will be sent out on Wednesday, May 27th.


Live slow, swim fast