Weekly Bulletin #7

Weekly Bulletin #7

Hello GSH swimmers and parents,

I hope that everyone is enjoying Victoria’s Day while staying safe.

We had some activity going out last week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the new regulations that will go into effect starting tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19, 2020). As part of the 1st stage of reopening. While in this announcement, he is giving the green light to Outdoor recreational activities and many individual sports competitions. We need to wait for the City of Ottawa announcement when the Recreational Complexes are going to reopen.

About open water training and swimming. We need to follow Swim Ontario and Swim Canada lead before planning any activity; at this point, Swim Ontario cannot sanction this type of activity until Open Water training safety guidelines are received from Swimming Canada.

We are also going to hear the official Ontario announcement about schools.

I want to encourage everyone to be patient; we are going to return soon. But it is better to wait for the official announcement; rushing any social come back might jeopardize all the efforts, sacrifices and hard work we have all been doing during this hard time. We are going to keep you updated, as I mentioned last week, we have a summer program plan, when we have the official information from the city we will be announcing it.

By the way, last week was Nurses’ appreciation week; I want to thank all our members that are first responders, doctors, nurses, and essential workers on the front lines for their undying sacrifices for the community to overcome this pandemic.

New in our Web Page

Last week, I announced this section, we added more information and this week is going to have more links added. I hope this is not too late, and that you can find this information helpful.

Family Resources & Helpful Links. You will have to be signed in to access this information, but I decided to add this section where I am going to be adding more content on the go. All the links I’ve sent on the Weekly bulletins are going to be there, plus more other helpful links.



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Ages 9-11 

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Ages 9-11

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Ages 9-11

Ages 12 & 13   

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I wish everyone a great week, 

Luis Luebs