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Tri-County Cancels Summer Swim Season

It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Tri-County swim season. Please see the letter below from the Tri-County presidents explaining the decision. 

As the letter states, this was a very difficult decision to make. It's the right one, but it's so sad for everyone. Stingrays is more than a swim team; we're a family. What makes us “second to none” is our amazing sense of community. The season just wouldn't be the same if we couldn't greet each other with hearty handshakes, encourage the kids with hugs, watch the excitement of the many swimmers and coaches on the deck, sit shoulder to shoulder in the stands, enjoy great food together, and experience all the other wonderful blessings that make us the best swim team family around.

A bit of good news that came out of the Tri-County meeting is that we unanimously voted to allow our current senior swimmers to swim during the 2021 season. That means that for one summer we will have a 15-19 age group!

Your Stingray Board and Coach Kendra are also working on plans to help our swimmers and families stay connected and have some fun together this summer. We'll have to wait a little longer to know what will be allowed, but fingers crossed, we'll be able to do something soon. 

Stay well and be safe,

Your Stingray Board


Letter from Tri-County

Dear Tri-County Conference swim families,

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do many things and has caused people, groups, and
communities to make some very hard decisions. We are hopeful that things will eventually get back to
normal sooner rather than later.

With that said, it is with great sadness we must inform you that the 2020 Tri-County conference swim
season has been canceled. The Tri-County Conference presidents met and came to a unanimous
decision to cancel the season.

We hope you understand that this decision was not taken lightly, and as a conference we waited until we
had enough information to make a final decision. This decision was based on factors including the health
and safety of the swimmers and families as well as economic and financial concerns for our conference
teams, swim families and swim sponsors during these uncertain times. Also, there are many unknowns
regarding when our conference community pools would be able to safely open and what type of
restrictions might be put in place when they do open. Some conference community pools have already
made the decision to close their outdoor pools for the summer due to COVID-19.

There was hope that there would be a swim season this year, and we could all gather for some fun on
Saturday mornings and at our end of season conference meet. Our thoughts go out to our head coaches,
the many assistant and age group coaches, all swimmers, our volunteers, sponsors and our swim
families. Everyone was excited to get the season started and we wanted to be able to gather with other
swimmers and swim families this summer to make lasting memories and have some friendly competition.

At this point, we will regroup and come back in 2021 with renewed energy. We want you to know that all
2020 senior swimmers are invited back to swim during the 2021 season. We hope this chance to be
recognized as a part of their community swim team one last time in 2021 puts a smile on their faces
before going out into the world and doing great things.

We hope you all enjoy your summer and are able to continue to spend time with family, as we hope to get
back to a normal way of doing things soon.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay happy, and stay strong.

Warm Regards,
Tri-County Conference Presidents
Jason Laux - Baraboo Riptide
Tom and Stacy Bernd - Cross Plains Stingrays
Jessica Hittesdorf - Mazomaine Barracudas
Sara Larson - Mt. Horeb Gators
Julie Goodman - Sauk Prairie Pool Sharks
Matt Aniker - Spring Green Dolphins
Tayna O’Connor, Caryn Peters - Sun Prairie Piranhas
Cynthia Ewig - Wisconsin Dells Dolphins