Pool Construction and Practice Plan

Hey RUSH Family!!! 

I have good news and bad news. GOOD NEWS FIRST!!! Our pool is still underconstruction but it is all on schedule! The fresh water has been put in and the pump system and concrete deck are scheduled to be installed this week! The goal is to be back in our Great Hills pool in early June!!!! Now, that is all dependent on weather and a few deliveries but the construction crews are working quickly. See the pictures attached! This is all so exciting for the team!!! 

The bad news is we are still waiting on approval from Courtyard Tennis Club to swim. Coach Chic and the COTA board are currently going back and forth with Courtyard on how we can proceed with practice! They are doing everything they can but unfortunately we are all renting the pool space at Courtyard and they make the final decisions. 

I promise that as soon as I find out anything about practices resuming I will let you know. If you need to place your membership on hold or would like to activate it for June please let me know. Thank you so much for your patience!!! Please know that I am doing everything possible to get our swimmers back in the water as soon as possible! 

Thank you!
Coach Sam