PDST achieves Safe Sport Team recognition by US Swimming

Dear PDST Members,                

I am pleased to share that our team has received a Safe Sport Recognized Club status awarded by US Swimming.  We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment here on this team, and we have received recognition for all of our efforts to this end.

Through USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Program, we submitted our Athlete Protection Policies, safeguarding procedures, and educational engagement, including

  • Our travel, electronic communication, and anti-bullying policies;
  • Our team honor codes and codes of conduct;
  • The processes by which we recruit and train staff;
  • Our communication procedures;
  • And our efforts to educate about Safe Sport, abuse prevention, and healthy boundaries.

All of these items were reviewed by USA Swimming Safe Sport staff (and you can see from website under "safe sports").  Our Safe Sport Recognized status will run for 2 years, after which time we will be eligible to renew by reviewing all of our policies and procedures again.

We are excited to have achieved this milestone and demonstrate our commitment to providing a Safe Sport environment on this team and most importantly to our swimmers.  We want to take this opportunity to thank our swimmers, parents, coaches, and our strong parent board to participate in a series of safe sported related activities, policy reviews and initiatives. Your efforts were well recognized here and enable us to be better prepared for the upcoming reopening of the training.