May 21,2020

Hello Families!

I hope you are all staying strong in this shutdown!  A huge part to this is connecting with others!  Reach out to your friends, family and team mates to keep your life balanced.  Good work to those that have been keeping up with their daily mile(s)!  Keep sharing on our facebook page or the Ellensburg Daily Mile Face Book page to encourage one another.  If you are stuck inside and looking for inspiration here are some webistes for you to look at. - They have all kinds of inforamtion and videos on stroke technique, mental toughness, etc. - All kinds of videos and dryland activities to choose from. - They have online swim clinics for a fee as well as free webinars on stroke analysis.

At this time the earliest we will get back in the water witll be with Phase 3 sometime in August.  I am sending messages to Dr. Larsen and the Health Department to petition an earlier open with precautions in place.  I will update with any changes as soon as I hear.

Stay active and don't forget to join the Zoom Meeting next Wed at 4:30 for 12 and under and 5:00 for 13 and over!  Olivia, Maggie and Amare won the Trivia contest last week, enjoy your Winegars gift card!  Next meeting  Wed May 27th, scavenger hunt!

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