05.21.20 IM Development & Swim Endurance Small AND SHORT COURSE POOL Practices!!

NEW: The Coral Springs Pool is open for individual swimmers to rent a lane for an hour at a time! Since this has occurred and some of our swimmers are going to travel up there, we will now be posting both Small Pool Tethered/Resistance AND SHORT COURSE Pool Practices!

TODAY'S EMPHASIS: IM Development & Endurance! If you're doing Small Pool Tethered/Resistance practice and recently received your tubing and belt, please do 2-4 of the previous Acclimation Resistance Tubing Practices FIRST! Small/Backyard Pool Resistance Training Practice with "StrechCordz" or TYR Resistance Belts!

05.21.20 Small Pool Tethered/Resistance Tubing Practice - Please click HERE!

05.21.20 NEW Short Course Pool "Normal" Practice - Please click HERE!

***These practices are available for our swimmers to perform under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian while following government mandated protocols for the prevention and transmission of the COVID-19 Virus. PLEASE NOTE: AquaKids and USA Swimming Insurances DO NOT cover these activities should you and your parent/guardian choose to do them!

***Please continue to follow ALL safety precautions and guidelines!