COVID Update May 2020

Hi All,

As I'm sure you have guessed, we won't be returning to the pool this season.  We do hope we can start up again in September, or some other date in the fall.  There is a tentative outline from Swimming Canada that will be released sometime soon to guide swim clubs.  Of course, we'll also be guided by regulations set by the Province, Swim Nova Scotia, and the Shearwater Pool.

Please take note of the following 4 items:

1) The current exec will continue to serve until we have our AGM.  We will have 90 days after the lifting of the state of emergency to have this meeting.  At that AGM, we can select new executive members or vote to confirm previous members and address any issues raised by club members.

2) We hope to continue the great results we achieved this past season.  To continue our success, we will be welcoming back Angela as our Head Coach, with Alicia splitting duties with her.  Sam will also be back, but he has some scheduling issues for the second half of the season.  Based on need and availability, we will also invite Oleg back to complete our coaching team.

3) If anyone has any participation or fundraising points that you haven't already submitted to Jolene please do so ASAP [email protected] We will be reviewing our financials with respect to fundraising and participation, and will advise each family of their status by mid/end of June.

4) Our dues have not yet been set, as we are waiting to see what the new season will look like.  It is likely that dues will go up, as I suspect we will have a swimmer limit per practice imposed on us due to COVID mitigation.  With this in mind, please visit, and advertise this community assistance program offered by Canadian Tire:

If you have an interest in serving on the board next year, please write to me at [email protected] and let me know.

Please also write to me and let me know if you intend on returning to the Bluefins next swim season.

Please also note that these are exceptional times, and I expect our stituation to evolve and change not only between now and September, but also during any potential 2020-2021 swim season.  We'll all have to roll with the punches as they come.

Stay safe,

Doug Schillinger