McCallie School Indoor Swimming Pool Pool Opening Plan June 2020

 In an effort to help team with tyring to open up their pools, Stan has allowed me to post his letter to his local Health Department. 

McCallie School  Indoor Swimming Pool

Pool Opening Plan

June 2020

The pool will open in phases until all restrictions are lifted. The McCallie swimming pool will only be open for lap swimming for swimmers enrolled in our programs.  The McCallie swimming pool has 11 x 6 foot wide swim lanes. There will  be no open recreational swim times.


We will  have three different plans depending on the different numbers of swimmers.


1. 11 swimmers in the pool at one time

  • odd lanes will have a swimmer at starting block end of the pool / even lanes will have a swimmer at the opposite end of the pool.
  • Swimmers in adjacent lanes will never be at the same end of the pool at the same time.
  •  Swimmers will swim down the middle of each lane to provide distancing from each other.

2. 17 swimmers in the pool at one time

* odd lanes will have 2 swimmers in a lane with a swimmer starting at each end of thepool. One end will swim on the right side and one end will swim on the left side of thelane.

* even lanes will have 1 swimmer per lane. Each lane will have an alternating starting end, and swimmers will swim in the middle of the lane.


3. 22 swimmers in the pool at one time

                              * each lane will have 2 swimmers in  a lane. One will swim on the right side of the lane                                       and one will swim on the left side of the lane.

                              * Swimmers  will  start at different ends of the pool. All swimmers on the right side  will                   start on one end of the pool and all swimmers on the left side  will start at the                                       other end of the pool.


Entrance and capacity control measures

  1. Swimmers will enter at the front doors of the pool. Doors will be propped open 5 minutes before the start of swim time. 6 foot markers will be placed at entrance.
  2. 10 minutes before start time acceptable screening of patrons will be performed i.e. temp check, waiver, mask.
  3. Suspected cases of COVID-19 will not be allowed into the facility.
  4. If required by health organizations, masks will be worn by patrons upon entry and exit from facility.
  5. Swimmers assigned in even lanes will enter on the locker room side of pool, odd lanes on window side of the pool.
  6. Swimmers will be directed to the proper ends and lanes of the pool.
  7. Pool doors will be closed after all swimmers are in the pool area.
  8. All swimmers must come ready to swim, locker rooms and showers will not be available. Restrooms are for emergency use only.
  9. Restrooms will be disinfected throughout day as acceptable.


  1. Chairs will be available at the end of each lane for personal belongings.  Cleaning solutions will be at each chair and swimmers should wipe their chair before and after use.
  2. All swimmers must bring their own equipment-including water.
  3. Once the session is completed, all swimmer will exit the pool immediately.  If a swimmer needs a ladder to exit, the staff will direct them to the nearest exit.
  4. The staff will wipe down the ladder with a bleach solution.
  5. Swimmers will exit the facility through the doors they entered. The doors will be propped open at the finish of lap swimming.
  6. There will be a 15 minute period for leaving the facility after lap swimming.  After this time we will prepare for the next group.


Lifeguard procedures


Lifeguards are professional rescuers – We have a duty to act and are expected to respond and deliver the same quality of care every day that we are open. In the event of an emergency, our response time and training can and will increase the chance of survival-VICTIM FIRST.  Our standard of care will not change unless a family member or relative provides information that the victim has been sick or recovering from the virus.


  1. All Lifeguards will check in at desk and be screened.
  2. Lifeguards will have own equipment for the day-mask, hip pack, rescue tube.
  3. All staff will have BVM’s and two rescuer CPR will be used whenever possible until EMS arrives.
  4. Swimmers requiring non-life threatening first aid will apply ice packs bandages etc. themselves under the guidance of the lifeguard on duty.
  5. Lifeguards  will clean and disinfect their own equipment according to accepted guidelines.
  6. Lifeguard chairs will be disinfected prior to use and throughout the day.  A bleach solution will be at each Lifeguard chair.
  7. Lifeguards may bring a towel with them to sit on during their shift.  All towels will be taken home and laundered by the lifeguard at the end of the day.  No clothes or personal belonging will be left at the pool.
  8. If required by health organizations, lifeguards will wear masks to and from rotations.  They will not wear a mask on the stand.
  9. Six foot markings will be outlined around lifeguard stand.
  10. Staff will be on deck to make sure social distancing is maintained.


Water quality standards

The CDC reports that proper chlorine levels between 1 and 3 ppm kills the COVID 19 virus on contact and that treated and maintained water is not a source of transmission

  • CL- maintain 2-3 ppm daily
  • Maintain 2 hour checks and logs up-to-date