AMFY Update 5.21.20

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has been staying well over the past several weeks. As many of you have heard gyms around Ohio have been given permission to reopen under certain guidelines on May 26. At this time our Auglaize-Mercer YMCA has planned to partially reopen on that day, and tentatively plans to open the pools on June 1 on a reservation-only, lap swim only basis. Exact details on that are still being determined. 

At this time we have not been given clearance by the Y to resume AMFY swim team. Were not certain when we will get the green light, but we will continue to monitor the situation and make plans to resume once it is safe and feasible. 

I would encourage swimmers to get back in the water whenever they safely can on their own. I don't yet have any details to share on how to reserve lap lanes at our Y, but hopefully that information will come out soon. The AMFY coaches will work towards a plan to resume swim team and plan any virtual activities we can in the meantime. I know a lot of summer clubs won't be running this year due to the restrictions on social distancing and occupancy. Please remember that whatever activities you do with your kids should be done with safety in mind!

I promise to pass along any updates as soon as I'm able. Stay safe!