Follow up on pool (updates)


currently we have not been able to receive a proper answer for us returning to practice or have not received any word on how they plan on having us back.

Right now, the County has decided to open pools for the public at 8:00am and close at 5:00pm with limited use. That is a move almost every pool across the country and state have been doing as they return to opening amid covid-19. Also allowing teams to return to swim before opening and after closure to the public to avoid crowds.

I have sent to the Counties Deputy Director (PALS) Shannon Loper our request and guidelines. I have also sent them to the Assistant County Administrator, Philip Foot and the County Administrator, Ashley Jacobs, so they are also aware of what we are trying to do.

I encourage every family on the team (and not on the team) to please contact all three of them to help our cause in returning to the pool June 1st. It is within their and our best interest that we return into the pool as soon as they open. The more families can get involved by reaching out to them the better our chances for a safe and easy return.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

I will put their contact information below so we can start contacting them ASAP!

Thank you again for your support and I am positive that we can return the family back into the water.

Coach George


Shannon Loper –

Philip Foot – philipf@bcgov.ney

Ashley Jacobs – ( 843-255-2026)