PNS General Chair - UPDATE for the LSC

PNS COVID-19 Update (May 21, 2020)

Update on the Activities of Pacific Northwest Swimming


Dear Swimmers, Coaches, Officials, and Families:

Hope that this finds you healthy.  Washington is gradually changing the Stay at Home orders and businesses are beginning to resume operations under Safe Start Phase 1.  Everyone is anxious to transition to Phase 2 and the recent updates are permitting more types of activity.  PNS is working with other aquatic and pool organizations to attempt to extend the recent May 19 expansion for personal fitness training to include structured activities in pools.  Unfortunately, pools are explicitly excluded in the current order.  

In addition, PNS convened a meeting of the local summer leagues, PNS clubs and pool managers and operators to both share current plans for re-opening and also to determine how best to encourage the Governor to allow structured activities in pools (swim lessons, swim practice, lap swim and aerobics).  These would all need to be conducted in a fashion consistent with current health regulations regarding social distancing, sanitation / disinfection, and air quality.  A proposal for a “soft” opening of limited use under current health regulations has been submitted to the state task team that is reviewing further easing of current restrictions.


HOD Planning and Schedule  MARK YOUR CALENDARS (please!):

The PNS Board met again on Monday (May 18) to update planning for the annual PNS HOD meeting.   The COVID-19 pandemic forced postponement of the original Saturday, May 9 in-person session.  Since then the BOD has worked to establish a new date as well as a new means of conducting the meeting.  The 2020 PNS HOD meeting will now be a virtual meeting scheduled for:

Saturday, June 27, 2020, 10:00 AM

No travel will be required except potentially between rooms in your residence.

There are possibly several delegates and others that are not familiar with the Zoom application that will be used for the meeting.  So, there will be an introduction to Zoom and the HOD processes using Zoom on the previous Saturday:

Saturday, June 20, 2020, 10:00 AM

  A virtual meeting is, of course, a first for PNS and for most LSC’s, so PNS is following other LSC’s as they conduct their virtual HOD meetings and gaining useful insights on the virtual process.  The meeting will also require pre-registration to attend; a process that some may not have previously used in Zoom.  

The 2020 HOD agenda is particularly significant.  A typical agenda includes:

Approval of the 2020-21 Meet Calendar;

Approval of the 2020-21 PNS Budget; and

Elections of Board members.

In addition, this year the first order of business will be the approval of the new PNS By-Laws.  In 2019, USA Swimming had approved a simplification of existing By-Laws from some 70 pages to 21 pages.  PNS had modifyied the template for particular PNS requirements and then the Board provisionally adopted the re-writes, but By-Law updates must ultimately be approved by the HOD.  The Board then recently further modified those By-Laws to explicitly permit both a virtual HOD meeting and, most importantly, electronic voting.  Consequently, the By-Laws must be approved by the HOD in order to proceed with the remainder of the HOD agenda.  A complete, detailed agenda will be provided (as well as posted on the website), but the order of events will be:

                   Roll Call

                   Approval of the (Updated) PNS By-Laws

Reports of Officers

Reports of Committees

Athlete and Coach Caucuses (to elect their representatives)

Elections of the BOD candidates (one-half of the Board stands for election each year)

Adoption of PNS Policy Changes

Approval of the 2020-21 Budget

Approval of the 2020-21 Meet Calendar.

For HOD, each club is represented by 3 individuals:  a coach, an athlete and an (non-coach, non-athlete) individual.  Those individuals will need to be identified prior to the meeting.  The PNS office will be sending out requests for each club to name their delegates (and provide their email contact information) and those individuals will receive the notification to register for the meeting.  The meeting, as always, is an open meeting and anyone is welcome to attend.  Individuals who wish to observe the meeting will need to register in the same way that the club delegates do.

January’s snowstorm and the Corona virus have produced at least one “silver lining”:  a virtual meeting and voting process (including elections) for the HOD that means that clubs no longer have to travel to the HOD site and can participate from their locale within the LSC.  Hopefully, this will lead to greater interest and participation in the meetings.  Individuals other than the delegates may participate as non-delegate representatives.

Meet Planning and Scheduling

A significant factor in scheduling the HOD meeting was the Meet Bid process.  Fortunately, submittals for bids for 2020-2021 season meets have been received as scheduled.  Thank you very much to all the clubs that have submitted plans to host meets during the coming year!  Program Operations is now reviewing the bids to prepare the calendar for HOD approval.  

As previously published, PNS is anticipating that clubs may be able to resume some form of competitive swimming in the August – September time.  So, all weekends for those months are open for clubs to plan for special meets within the relevant health guidelines.  Recall that the LC Champs meets scheduled for late July are now cancelled and planning is underway for substitute events that will, if permitted, include some swimming.

Budget Planning

The Board is also actively working on the budget for the coming 2020-21 year.  That budget is obviously complicated as is the budget for each club.  The significant unknowns for both clubs and PNS are membership and participation (meet income).  As outlined, PNS has already planned for financial grants as well as other assistance for member clubs.  These grants utilize the reserves that PNS has for emergencies which is clearly this current situation.  The Board is currently reviewing the current budget planning and the results of that effort will be presented to the HOD for approval and then monitored closely to understand circumstances and ensure fiscal solvency as the season / year proceeds.

The safety of everyone involved in the swim community continues as the greatest concern.  As conditions change and further activities are permitted, efforts demonstrating adherence to health regulations while also benefiting the athletes and all involved are critical to continued success. Questions and suggestions can be forwarded via the message capability on the website.  Please continue to practice appropriate social distancing and good hygiene so that the recovery can proceed as rapidly as possible.  We hope to be able to see you at a pool soon!  Happy Memorial Day! Please remember and honor those first responders and defenders of our country that have valiantly protected our ability to live as we do.