Club Level Recognition Achievement

Hope all families are well and are in good health at this time. We have good news to announce. Today, Canyons Aquatic Club officially became a Level 2 Club in USA Swimming’s Club Recognition Program. This is a first-ever for Canyons. 

What is the USA Swimming’s Club Recognition Program? 


It is a voluntary program designed by USA Swimming’s National Club Development Committee that offers club guidance and a working model to develop strong, stable, financially sound, and athletically productive organizations. This program has four levels of achievement across four component areas deemed critical to long-term club success (Level IV is the highest level). The goal for this program is to strengthen the clubs in USA Swimming to help the program and coaches to serve athletes better.


The major evaluation component areas are:

  • Business & Organizational Success
  • Parent & Volunteer Development
  • Coach Development & Education
  • Athlete Development & Performance

So what does this mean for Canyons? It means we are doing things better in all four areas that have been addressed by USA Swimming. We can categorically say we are operating better than what has come before. But, as you probably have noticed, there are four levels of achievement. We will not stop until we achieve Level 4. 

We will continue to work hard for our members to keep improving Canyons Aquatic Club.