BASH Senior Spotlight - Jonathan Wiesfelder

BASH HS Senior Jonathan Wiesfelder -
My time with the team has been a long, fun, ride to say the least. I joined the team as a Senior 2 when I was 13. Over the last six years, I have forged some great relationships and memories, as well as learning some valuable lessons, one of which being how to overcome adversity. This year, more than any others, was by far the most difficult for me to complete. As I rejoined the team in October this year, I came back broken, not just physically because of my broken leg, but mentally. The first few weeks back were the worst. I felt displaced with those around me and questioned my place in the sport I loved. I doubted whether I would ever get back to where I was before the injury. However, it was my teammates that got me back on track. They gave me confidence in what I was doing and showed me that I needed a different approach, a fresh start so to speak. With that in mind, I began to make small goals for myself. I began to appreciate what I was doing and began to love the sport I’ve been doing for so many years. By the end of our shortened season, although it came with a bittersweet ending, I did have one memorable experience from the very end. I had been training for the 100 backstroke the entire season and in my last opportunity to swim it at As, I finally broke a minute in the event, clocking a 59.15. If there’s one thing I want to stress, it’s that you need to rely on your teammates to help build you up. I never took this saying for more than a silly rhyme in years prior, but it’s true. Teamwork makes the dream work. 
As I move on, I will be going to the University of Cincinnati for Chemical Engineering and Spanish. I’ve been accepted into their accelerated 4-year ACCEND program which will earn me a Master degree in Engineering while also giving me job experience through Co-op. During this time, I also hope to Minor in Spanish, as I value the idea of being bilingual, especially in today’s world. Although I am saying goodbye to the pool, I will always cherish the memories I have made with the team. 
Thanks, it’s been a blessing being with you all, Coach Bill, Senior 1, and all of the other friends and acquaintances on the way.
From Coach Bill – Jonathan has always been a hard worker, and been enjoyable to work with. A pleasant person to be around, a great teammate and always willing to put forth a good effort. He was exceptional in the weight room. Jonathan was a Y ‘AA’ Swimmer and a District swimmer for Indian Hill HS. We wish him the best as he goes off to college and beyond.