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Team Email 5-22-2020 -IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ!!

Congrats to all of our seniors who are finishing the last day of classes today! We are so proud of all of you and want to celebrate your accomplishments! Please look to social media tomorrow as we recognize our Class of 2020! 

A few quick notes: 
1) If you missed the CEO Q&A last night - here is the video link - if nothing else, watch the first 10 minutes of presentation on billing and the skeleton plan for return to pool.

2) We will NOT have any workouts on Sunday (5/24) or Monday (5/25) - please take some time away from zoom and screens and enjoy some live interaction with family or socially distant with friends. 

3) Invoices for June will be sent out later today. Please take time to look over those and get any adjustments to our business manager Kristen Tanakatsubo prior to the end of the month. 

4) We are creating an in-person dryland plan for June, provided our region moves to Phase 3 of the Governor's plans to Restore Illinois. We want it to be safe and manageable for all our athletes and coaches. Any plans will be communicated as soon as they have been finalized. 

5) Getting into a pool is the next step and will be most likely when our region moves to Phase 4 and at the discretion of the facilities. We anticipate the earliest possible date to be early July. Again, as we get more information - we will pass that on to our athletes and families. Please be patient as the situation is constantly in-flux with each facility. 

6) While Lake Michigan may seem like a great option - at 54 degrees - it is not a safe option. Please remember this is a large body of water with riptides, currents and other situations that can make it prohibitively dangerous especially for athletes without prior open water swimming experience even with a wet suit. Hypothermia happens VERY fast in open water swimming and training in 54 degree water takes gradual acclimation for safe execution. Supervision of open water swimming in a body of water as large as the lake must be in a very low ratio on the water for optimal safety and even then, it is a dangerous venture. I have had extensive training with open water swimming (as a coach & athlete) over the years and I do not recommend that option for our athletes until we have been able to spend time in more sedate environments, learning appropriate open water training skills. 

And lastly - if you're receiving this email, it's because you are continuing to support our team and small business - both emotionally and financially - as we work to support the community.  If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask!  Remember - Sharks always swim forward! 

We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon! 

Coach Alexis