Feeling overwhelmed

Due to an overwhelming response to the summer schedule being posted, we are exploring other options. When the talks of phase 1 re-opening first started, I took the rosters that I had for summer Spy and Annual Spy program fees. Then spoke to administration about how many lanes it would take to make social distancing work. We laid out a plan where the swimmers will snake the entire practice. meaning (senior group for instance) one person will start in lane 3 after they send off we will start the next swimmer when they get to the second black line and so on. When the swimmer gets to the end of the pool they will then proceed back in lane four, then lane 5, then lane 6.  after lane 6 they will hop outand move to the closest blue x (tape) on the ground. As the line moves then they will move to the next blue x  which is 6 foot apart.  So literally will be doing the snake pattern the whole practice. Under this structure there are only so many we can plug in. 

The next two weeks schedule was sent out at 3:45 pm. By 6pm I have been contacted by 25 swimmers reaching out if it is to late to sign up. So as of now there's a waiting list. We are exploring other options but that may take a little time. We will also be monitoring attendance to see if maybe someone doesn't feel safe practicing and is waiting until this is over. If that may be the case, we will try to switch and try to put some on the waiting lists into their spots. I am truly hoping social distancing lightens up, but everytime I have tried to say something it has backfired! 

Now this has been so hard because so many have done so many things for Spy and the Springfield YMCA. So I honestly feel caught in a position between a rock and a hard place and feel overwhelmed. I so badly want all swimmers to have a brief escape from this Pandemic, even for a little bit each day. Everyone wants things to return to normal, but patience is still something I'm hoping for. Please know that we want everyone to feel that they are an important part of our swimming communtiy. That we are saddened by the position we are in right now. I hope everyone stays safe and that this comes to an end soon. 

Coach John